Mocha Pro 2024

Mocha Pro is a world-renowned software and plugin for planar motion tracking, rotoscoping, object removal, image stabilization, and PowerMesh organic warp tracking.

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  • Mac/Win/Linux
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Mocha Pro features GPU-accelerated planar tracking and object removal, advanced rotoscoping... mehr
Mocha Pro features GPU-accelerated planar tracking and object removal, advanced rotoscoping tools, stabilization, 3D camera solver, stereo 360/VR support, and more new Features. Mocha pro has the ability to track even the toughest and most problematic shots!

Mocha Pro 2024 integrates SynthEyes' blazing-fast 3D tracking into its Academy Award-winning toolset. The robust new feature enables seamless matchmove compositing, animations, and motion graphics creation within the well-known workflow favored by top visual effects artists.

Mocha Pro 2024 Highlights:

  • New version of the Camera Solve module based on SynthEyes’ core technology.
  • Artists will work faster thanks to refined track and rotoscoping tools.
  • Significant under-the-hood updates to increase the speed and accuracy of tracks.
  • Adds USD (Universal Scene Description) format imports and exports, which promote seamless integration with major 3D applications such as Foundry Nuke, Blender, and Maya.
  • Greater integration with After Effects allows artists to direct the generation of 3D cameras and nulls to complement After Effects’ 3D capabilities.
  • Mocha Pro customers on active subscriptions or upgrade

What's New in Mocha Pro 2023:

  • Rotoscoping Improvements: Point selection falloff for more organic roto. Quickly split up complicated shapes into different layers. Snapshot layers to readjust or break up shots. Adjust inner, outer, or both edges faster.
  • Tracking Improvements: Merge tracks of separate planar layers. Move clusters of PowerMesh track points with falloff. Quickly jump to ends of tracks and set tracked ranges.
  • Rendering Improvements: Remove objects from locked or static shots without needing to track. Crop Insert Module ROI (region of interest) to the surface for easier manipulation.
  • Export Improvements: Generate tracking data directly in the Nuke OFX plugin. New 1-click generation for data where there is only one layer in After Effects and Nuke.
Node-locked license, Lizenz für 1 Computer mehr


Node-locked license, Lizenz für 1 Computer


  • macOS 10.13 - 13.2.1
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 on x64
  • Linux: CentOS 7 or a compatible Linux distribution on x86_64
  • Processor: 3rd-generation Intel Core i7 or equivalent, Apple M1 arm64.
  • Memory: 16 GB +
  • Disk: High-speed disk array or NVMe SSD
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro K4000 or equivalent.
  • Monitor: 1920×1080 or higher
  • Network: Must have an enabled network adapter (wifi or ethernet)
Mocha 2023 plug-in support:
  • Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro CC 2014-2023
  • Avid Media Composer v8-2022
  • OFX: Autodesk Flame, Boris FX Silhouette, Foundry NUKE, Blackmagic Fusion, VEGAS Pro, HitFilm Pro, SGO Mistika
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