Boris FX Suite Multi-Host (Avid/Adobe/OFX) - Subscription (Miet-Lizenz) - 12 Monate

The new Boris FX Suite features Sapphire + Continuum + Mocha Pro + Silhouette + Optics + SynthEyes + CrumplePop. One multi-host license supports After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Avid, Resolve, Nuke & many more.
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What You'll Get Sapphire - The essential visual effects suite Sapphire's legendary... mehr

What You'll Get

Sapphire - The essential visual effects suite
Sapphire's legendary toolset is the post-production community's #1 choice for creating high-end visual effects. Featuring over 270 photorealistic effects, 3000+ presets, integrated Mocha masking & tracking, the powerful Effect and Transition Builder, and fast render speeds.
  • 270+ photorealistic effects, 60+ transitions, and 3000+ presets
  • Lens flares & lights: Hollywood's secret weapon
  • Blur & distort: Camera shakes, rack defocus, lens whacking
  • Render & composite: Zaps, grunges, auroras
  • Stylize: Glitches, pixel sorts, retro TV looks
  • Time: Tripped out, mind-bending effects
  • Effect & Transition Builder: Easily create multi-layered effects
Continuum - The world's most complete plug-in toolkit
Editors and artists turn to Continuum's comprehensive toolkit to meet tight turnarounds without sacrificing quality. Work smarter. Featuring 300 effects, 5000+ presets, integrated Mocha tracking & masking, image restoration, titling, particles, and more.
  • 300+ effects, 40+ transitions, and 5000+ presets
  • Keying & compositing: Conquer & composite green screen
  • Image restoration: Fix imperfect footage fast
  • Particle Illusion: Create 3D particles in just one click
  • Lights, glows & color grades: Instant analog film looks & styles
  • Titling, digital beauty work, and tons more
  • Audio-driven VFX: Make effects bounce to a beat
Mocha Pro - Academy Award-winning planar tracking & masking software (Plugin and standalone application)
Mocha's Academy Award-winning planar motion tracking toolset offers massive time-saving with minimal keyframes. Featuring GPU-accelerated tracking, object removal, advanced masking with edge-snapping, stabilization, stereo 360/VR support, and more.
  • Rock solid GPU-accelerated tracking = Minimal keyframing!
  • PowerMesh: Easily track skin, cloth & organic moving objects
  • Object removes: Make wires + unwanted objects disappear
  • Screen inserts & match moves: Fast and realistic composites
  • Rotoscoping: Magnetic edge-snapping, x-splines & bezier
  • Stabilization: Lock down or smooth camera motion
  • Stereo 360/VR support: Take the pain out of 360 post & VFX
Silhouette - Digital paint, advanced rotoscoping, tracking, and compositing application (also includes Silhouette Paint plugin for Adobe & OFX hosts)
The film industry's top paint & roto artists turn to Silhouette. Featuring a GPU-accelerated standalone compositing application that includes the most robust non-destructive paint and roto tools available. Now with the Silhouette Paint plugin for Adobe and OFX hosts.
  • Rotoscoping: Quickly tackle advanced roto with ultimate control
  • Non-destructive paint: Work with the speed of raster paint
  • Compositing: Node-based effects tree with 400+ specialty nodes
  • Motion Tracking: 3 powerful options (includes Mocha Pro)
  • Effect nodes: Sapphire, Particle Illusion & select Continuum filters
  • Warping & morphing: Retouch, deform, nip & tuck
  • OCIO v2 and Cryptomatte support
Optics - Visual Effects for Photographers (plugin for Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom, and standalone application)
Enhancing photos inside Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom has never been easier! Featuring 160 filters, thousands of customizable presets, 75 of Sapphire's popular lighting effects, powerful masking, and more. Includes a standalone version.
  • 170+ filters, 10 categories, and 1000s of customizable presets
  • Lighting: Sapphire's lens flares & glows + extensive gobo library
  • Optical glass camera simulation: Exclusively available in Optics
  • Color grading: Transform photos into iconic Hollywood looks
  • Particles: Add smoke, fire, water, sparkles, explosions & dust
  • Robust masking & layering system: Gain full editing control
  • Photo animations: Quickly create dazzling cinemagraphs
SynthEyes - Fast 3D tracking and matching moving toolset
SynthEyes is a powerful and fast 3D tracking and match-moving production toolset that helps VFX artists perform advanced 3D tasks. Standalone application.
  • Exports to Adobe After Effects, Foundry Nuke, Fusion, Blender, Flame, Maya, Houdini & more
  • Place CG characters into scenes & animate using motion capture
  • Create 3D set extensions with texture extraction & mesh-building
  • Add 3D enhancements to actors & remove complex objects
  • Stabilize shaky conventional or 360/VR shots
  • Easy lens calibration without calibration grids
CrumplePop - Easy to use, AI-drive audio restoration plugins
CrumplePop makes it easy to restore common audio issues right inside your video project timelines. Powered by AI-driven technology. Plugin and standalone version.
  • User-friendly and no audio experience required
  • Banish mic pops and remove lapel rustle
  • Get rid of unwanted wind and traffic noise
  • Remove echo and reverb in seconds
  • Automatically remove hiss, background noise, and hums
  • Enhance vocal clarity with instant audio leveling
  • Restore clipped audio to its natural state
Node-locked license, Lizenz für 1 Computer mehr


Node-locked license, Lizenz für 1 Computer


Compatibility: Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer and OFX hosts: Foundry NUKE, Resolve, Fusion, VEGAS Pro, and Autodesk Flame (Sapphire & Mocha Pro only)
Operating Systems: macOS, Windows, Linux (Continuum does not support Linux)
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