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Boris FX
ab 59,00 €
The Boris FX Optics plugin for Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom is a fast, easy-to-use digital photography toolkit. Take your photos to the next level with over 180 filters, 1000s of presets & more.
Boris FX
Continuum 2023.5
ab 222,99 €
Continuum plugins are a one-stop shop for your content creation needs. The post production industry's most complete plugin package includes over 300+ effects, 40+ transitions, and 5000+ presets.
Boris FX
ab 299,00 €
CrumplePop is a complete set of software tools that use AI to make your audio sound great. CrumplePop includes tools for removing room noise, echo, wind noise, automatically improving voice quality, and more.
Boris FX
Silhouette 2023
ab 549,00 €
The Artists Tool for Roto, Paint & Tracking. Silhouette delivers 400+ VFX nodes, including Boris FX Sapphire, Mocha Pro, and Particle Illusion.
Boris FX
Boris FX Suite Multi-Host (Avid/Adobe/OFX) - Subscription (Miet-Lizenz) - 12 Monate
1.455,00 €
The new Boris FX Suite features Sapphire + Continuum + Mocha Pro + Silhouette + Optics + SynthEyes + CrumplePop. One multi-host license supports After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Avid, Resolve, Nuke & many more.
Boris FX
ab 332,00 €
SynthEyes is a standalone application optimized for camera, object, geometry, and planar tracking, stabilization, and motion capture, with high performance, a huge feature list and exports to many applications.
Boris FX
Sapphire 2024
ab 566,00 €
Sapphire is the most in demand, unequalled, work-horse plug-in suite for visual effects. Sapphire streamlines workflows with a major new host, adds a must-have creative effect, delivers 350 stunning new presets, and boosts performance speeds.
Boris FX
Mocha Pro 2024
ab 337,00 €
Mocha Pro is a world-renowned software and plugin for planar motion tracking, rotoscoping, object removal, image stabilization, and PowerMesh organic warp tracking.