Chaos V-Ray 6 for formZ

Academy Award winning V-Ray rendering is now available for formZ. It is integrated seamlessly into formZ so that you get instant high quality renderings "out of the box".



V-Ray Upgrade:


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  • Mac/Win
  • engl.
V-Ray is a physically-based lighting, shading, and rendering toolkit. It has a wide array of... mehr
V-Ray is a physically-based lighting, shading, and rendering toolkit. It has a wide array of features and lighting to accommodate any scene and produce top quality renders. V-Ray also employs GPU rendering to produce high quality results very quickly. Additionally, it allows you to view your scene's rendering in real-time so that you can adjust lighting and materials quickly and easily without having to do a full production render for small edits. V-Ray’s materials can produce very high quality results very quickly.
V-Ray is integrated throughout the formZ User Interface. A suite of palettes containing tools and settings is accessible from the palettes menu. The materials interface is integrated with the formZ Material editor and the lights interface is integrated with the formZ light parameters palette.

V-Ray for formZ Feature Highlights:

  • Powerful hybrid rendering - You can render using CPUs or GPUs or a combination of both. Dedicated ray-tracing hardware within NVIDIA's RTX class of GPUs to speed up production rendering on Windows
  • Material library - over 550 realistic physical based materials, such as glass, coated plastics or metals, wood, stone, etc.
  • V-Ray Grass and fur - Realistic grass, fabrics and carpet now possible with V-Ray Fur.
  • Denoiser - With V-Ray's new denoising technology, you can automatically eliminate noise and cut render times by up to 50%!
  • Light Mix - Light Mix allows you to adjust lighting levels and color without re-rendering
  • Aerial perspective - Add realistic atmosphere and depth to your renders with V-Ray's new Aerial perspective controls.
  • Virtual Reality - Verify designs at 1:1 scale in popular VR headsets like Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR.
  • Cutaways with Clipper - Render sections and cutaways with ease using the V-Ray Clipper.
  • Powerful light calculations - the V-Ray Adaptive Lights algorithm will speed renders up to seven times faster on some scenes.
  • V-Ray Frame Buffer - Fine-tune your render's color, exposure, and more directly in V-Ray's frame buffer.
  • Integrated Material Editing - Fine-tune your render's color, exposure, and more directly in V-Ray's frame buffer

New in V-Ray 6:

The most advanced rendering solution for formZ is now better than ever! This is a major new version with many new features and improvements.
  • V-Ray 6 for formZ uses autodessysID licensing just like formZ 10. The Chaos license manager is no longer needed
  • This version is based on V-Ray Core v6 with many performance improvements Native on Apple Silicon
  • Environment Sky: New Clouds feature
  • Materials: 
    • New Generic Thin Film
    • Improved Dirt Texture New Gradient Texture
  • New Temperature Texture
  • New V-Ray Geometry Assets Palette
  • New V-Ray Enmesh
  • New V-Ray Scatter
  • Updated Fur, Displacement and Clipper Tools
  • V-Ray Frame Buffer improvements
The V-Ray Enmesh tool 'coats' an object’s surface with a repeating pattern of a rendered geometry that follows the Texture space of that geometry. Rendered geometry is a great way to create effects that would be tedious to model.
The V-Ray Scatter tool creates rendered instances of objects using the surfaces and edges of other objects or splines to generate points. Rendered instances is a great way to render repetitious content efficiently.
Online-Lizenzierung. Für die Online-Aktivierung ist eine stabile, unterbrechungsfreie... mehr


Online-Lizenzierung. Für die Online-Aktivierung ist eine stabile, unterbrechungsfreie Internet-Verbindung notwendig. Bis zu 14 Tage am Stück Offline-Nutzung möglich.


  • formZ 10 Pro oder formZ 10 Core oder neuer
  • macOS 11 oder neuer
  • Windows 10, 11 (nur 64-bit Version)
  • min. 8 GB RAM, 16+ empfohlen 
  • permanente Internet-Verbindung für Online-Lizenzierung
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