ReelSmart Motion Blur Pro V6 Upgrade from RSMB Standard - perpetual

Applies motion blur based on automatic tracking of every pixel.
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Automatically add more natural-looking motion blur to a sequence using ReelSmart Motion Blur.... mehr
Automatically add more natural-looking motion blur to a sequence using ReelSmart Motion Blur. Our tracking technology is at the heart of ReelSmart Motion Blur, so there is no handwork involved. Of course you can add as little or as much blurring as you need and even remove motion blur! Finally, you can create very interesting effects by blurring one sequence by using the motion from another.

ReelSmart Motion Blur Features

Automatic Tracking
Automatic tracking of every pixel from one frame to the next

Fine Tune
Variable amount of blur

Removal of Motion Blur
Blur can also be removed!

360 Motion Blur
RSMB tracks 360 footage and blurs properly taking into account the connectedness of the edges of the sides as well as top top and bottom.
GPU accelerated
This product is GPU accelerated.

ReelSmart Motion Blur Pro Features

Object Separation
Support for foreground and background separation using a specified matte. ReelSmart Motion Blur then uses proprietary filling and tracking techniques when working on the background layer, even when it is obscured by the foreground!

3D Motion Vector Input
Ability to blur with motion vectors supplied by you... which, most likely, will come from your 3D animation system.

RGB+A Tracking
An option that uses the alpha channel to help tracking of dark images with mattes. This is especially useful for CG, masked and/or keyed material.

Track Point Guidance
Up to 12 user-defined points can be specified to help guide RSMB's motion estimation. By using the tracking points you can explicitly tell RSMB where a pixel moves from one frame to the next in order to guide RSMB's calculation of motion vectors.

Spline Guidance
When RSMB exhibits tracking problems, you can guide RSMB by simply creating and animating shapes to show where objects are actually moving.


Pro license works with After Effects, Autograph, Baselight, Diamant and Dustbuster+, Final Cut Pro, Flame, Fusion Studio, Grass Valley Rio, HitFilm, Media Composer, Motion, Natron, Nucoda, Nuke, Premiere Pro, Scratch, and Silhouette. Pro license also works with regular product of any supported host.
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