FontAgent Enterprise Server (On-Premise) - Serverlizenz - perpetual inkl. 12 Monate Maint.

FontAgent Server ist eine On-Premise Lösung zum Organisieren, Optimieren, Verteilen und Überwachen Ihrer Schriften. Beinhaltet nur die Serverlizenz, Client-Lizenzen sind separat zu erwerben.
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Centralized Font Control and Consistency Create a centralized catalog of all your fonts.... mehr
Centralized Font Control and Consistency
Create a centralized catalog of all your fonts. Verify their integrity to eliminate rendering and stability issues for users. Distribute fonts to maintain creative consistency and control.

Flexible Font and Set Organization
Use nested sets to organize your font catalog by team, department, project, customer - however you want. Make changes to sets and they propagate to users automatically.

Sharable Tagging Power
Use tags to describe and associate your fonts by topic, project, type, etc. Save users tons of time searching for the right fonts. Add tags at any time and they're auto-shared with users.

More Metadata, More Insight
More font metadata than ever before. View font names, formats, styles, metrics, filenames, locations, activation, ratings, comments - everything you need to know about your fonts. And search it all in seconds.

Unrivaled User Experience
Provide crisp font previews, auto-activation, powerful searching, color and text controls, sample-sheet printing and the most powerful font selection tools on the planet.

Always Available for Users
Users are productive at all times, whether they are connected or not - even if your server is offline. No waiting. No lost productivity.

Fast, Efficient Font Distribution
Advanced multi-threaded I/O minimizes network traffic, maximizes sync speed, and makes font updates fast and foolproof.

Auto-Expiration of Rights
Expire the assignment of fonts to users, and of users to groups. Automatically recall fonts from users and contractors across your organization at the end of projects - a FontAgent exclusive.

Unrivaled Font Integrity with FontDNA
FontDNA, Insider's industry-leading font-integrity engine fingerprints your fonts to eliminate corruption and duplication - so users enjoy stability, top performance and documents that render precisely.

Extensive Font Format Support
Make the most of your font investments with FontAgent's extensive support for OpenType, TrueType, dfont and PostScript Type 1 fonts.

Automatic Client Configuration
Configure clients from the server. Restrict users from importing or exporting fonts locally. Hide or display system fonts. Set client-server sync intervals.

Administrate from Anywhere
Manage FontAgent Server from web browsers using its all-new, streamlined server administrator. Manage sets, users, groups, licenses, and distribution permissions with incredible simplicity.

Real-Time Font Usage and Tracking
Know everything about your fonts. See which users have which fonts and when they activate them. Monitor usage data to ensure license compliance and cross-charge cost centers.

License Management and Compliance
Stay in compliance with your font licenses. Track purchase histories, receipts, license agreements and seat counts. Expire user rights to fonts manually or automatically. Alert admins when license terms are exceeded.

Performance, Scale and Reliability
Bring font control and consistency to all your users with the world's fastest, most reliable font server. Strong, flexible and stable, FontAgent Server runs on Mac, Windows and Linux platforms.

Authentication and Directory Integration
Integrate with enterprise directories. Control who uploads and distributes fonts, creates users and groups, manages licenses and views usage data. Authenticate with 128-bit encryption and Kerberos single sign-on.

Nur Serverlizenz, Client-Lizenzen sind separat zu erwerben. mehr


Nur Serverlizenz, Client-Lizenzen sind separat zu erwerben.


In an on-premises configuration, you run the server software in a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) on a Mac, Windows or Linux server connected to your network.
The Server supports FontAgent 8, 9 and 10 Connected Clients. So it supports client connections from macOS Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur oder Catalina.
The Windows client runs on Windows 10 and 11.
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