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FontAgent CloudServer bietet eine Server-basierte Schriftenverwaltung. Lizenziert werden die Anzahl der Benutzer, die auf den Server zugreifen. Es wird zusätzlich eine einmalige Setup-Gebühr berechnet. Bitte Angebot anfragen.
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CloudServer is a subscription service that provides a license of FontAgent for each of your Mac... mehr
CloudServer is a subscription service that provides a license of FontAgent for each of your Mac and Windows users who connect over the Internet to FontAgent Server hosted at an Insider data center.

Cloud-Based Font Control and Consistency

Centralize Your Fonts
Build a centralized font library that's free of corrupt, incomplete, duplicate and rogue fonts that cripple creative workflow and bring design systems to a halt.
Bring Consistency to Users and Projects
Ensure that all creatives use the same version of each and every font so documents consistently render the same on everyone's machine. No more confusing workflows and expensive errors - just fast, faithful results.
Comply with Font Licenses
Just enter license information for your fonts and CloudServer tracks their usage. Control who has rights to use which fonts and receive reports and alerts if you exceed license limits.
No Server Hardware, Predictable Costs
Replace large, up-front hardware and software costs with a predictable subscription fee. Add user capacity and fonts as you require.
Free Software Updates
Enjoy free client and server software updates. Get the latest client features and fixes as updates and upgrades become available. Eliminate the expense and burden of updating server software and hardware forever.
Easy Setup and Administration
Just open a CloudServer account, upload your fonts and select which users can access them. FontAgent does the rest.

Bring Active Directory to the Cloud

CloudServer's support for Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) gives you a simple, secure way to integrate with your existing AD implementation so you can:
  • Establish a trusted connection between the AD and CloudServer
  • Employ Azure single sign-on services to eliminate sending user login credentials to CloudServer
  • Use AD to define user and group permissions for distributing and recalling fonts from users
  • Employ highly secure SSL connections between servers and clients

Advantages of Azure AD Integration

Using CloudServer's Azure AD integration, you can:
  • Make all directory and font-distribution permission changes in Active Directory
  • Take full advantage of your existing Azure AD data
  • Deliver single sign-on convenience to your users
  • Allow permissioned users to download client software and updates
  • Allows users to login to your network and gain secure access to font services
  • Tight Azure AD integration makes CloudServer a comprehensive, cost-effective, solution for controlling the distribution of fonts in any size organization.

Benutzerlizenz: 1 Benutzer, 2 Geräte - keine zeitgleiche Nutzung erlaubt mehr


Benutzerlizenz: 1 Benutzer, 2 Geräte - keine zeitgleiche Nutzung erlaubt


  • Windows 11, 10


  • macOS Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur oder Catalina
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