Object2VR Vollversion - Single User License - perpetual

Object2VR takes an image series of an object (or subject) from multiple angles and positions and from them creates interactive 360º object movies.
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  • Mac/Win/Linux
  • multil.
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Object2VR Pro bietet alle Funktionen von Object2VR und zusätzlich noch Image Processing und... mehr
Object2VR Pro bietet alle Funktionen von Object2VR und zusätzlich noch Image Processing und Unbranded output files.
Object2VR Studio bietet alle Funktionen von Object2VR Pro und zusätzlich noch Image Capture und Turntable support.
Object2VR Features

Object2VR can build your object movie from start to finish. Use it to control the turntable and to load the image right into the lightable from the camera. Then, use the image processing tools to make the image perfect and finally output theobject movie for playback on websites, devices and kiosks.

Object2VR lets you create single-row or multi-row object images; just drag and drop in your source images.
Supported image formats are JPEG, PNG, TIFF, Photoshop PSD and QuickTime VR files (JPEG as codec).

View States
To display an object in different variants, for example, in different colors, Object2VR lets you add these images as view states. You can then switch between the image sets displaying the object’s options.

The Hotspot Editor lets you add interactivity to your objects, link hotspots to information pop-ups, open websites as well as a host of other actions.
Hotspots can be drawn using the polygon tool or as points.

Skin Editor
The Skin Editor allows you to design your own look and feel for your object player. You can add your own buttons and graphics to match your customer’s website offering them a more custom-made product.
You can also add animations and sound effects to your skin to help the user interact with your object images.

Let users zoom in deeper to see the detail in the object. Multiresolution, for both HTML5 and Flash outputs, gives you multiple levels of resolution with smooth zooming and control.

Camera and Turntable Control
Object2VR studio can control both DSLR cameras and turntables. Just connect your camera and turntable with a USB connection and you’re ready to go. Object2VR will trigger the camera as the turntable rotates. Both Nikon and Canon DSLRs are supported along with many of the most popular turntables.

Image Processing
Basic image processing is supported in both Object2VR pro and Object2VR studio. You can crop, adjust levels, add some sharpening, and dewobble images, just to name a few.


  • Microsoft Windows XP oder höher


  • Mac OS 10.6.1 oder höher


  • Linux (tested with Ubuntu 10.04, OpenSuse 10.2)
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