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FontAgent brings order to chaos with font tagging, families, foundries, metrics and comprehensive metadata& and the ability to search and organize it all with Sets, Subsets, Smart Searches and Smart Sets.
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FontAgent 10 Highlights: Native Apple M-series chip support for 10x faster previews... mehr

FontAgent 10 Highlights:

  • Native Apple M-series chip support for 10x faster previews and auto-activation
  • Support and optimization for macOS 13 Ventura
  • An all-new Sets Manager and Membership Tracker
  • Improved hierarchical set export
  • Auto-activation for Adobe Creative Cloud 2023 and QuarkXPress 2022 (requires FontAgent 10.0.2 or later)
  • Duplicate and similar font detector
  • Tight integration with Adobe Fonts
  • Usability improvements throughout the release
Native M-Series Chip Optimization
FontAgent taps into the incredible power of Apple's M-series chipset to deliver up to 10x faster previews and auto-activation. Still using an Intel Mac? No worries. FontAgent's Universal Binary auto-detects it and delivers a great user experience.

All-New Sets Manager
Use the new Sets Manager to organize fonts hierarchically by foundry, project, customer, style - any way you want. Type a few letters to find the set you need instantly. View, manage, search, export and share your sets like never before.

One-Click Metadata Powerhouse
Select a font to see all its metadata. That simple click reveals file formats, style names, metrics, tags, filenames, locations, ratings, comments - everything you need to select the right fonts for your projects.

Set Membership Tracker
The new Set Membership Tracker tells you where a font is being used. Simply select a font to see a list of sets in which the font is a member. The list appears in the Properties Sidebar with the rest of the set's metadata.

High-Integrity Font Catalog
Drag fonts into FontAgent to add them to your font catalog. FontAgent keeps a full history of your imports and uses FontDNA technology to verify their integrity, harvest their metadata and detect duplicates.

Duplicate Detector
The V10 Smart Search facility includes the ability to search for font with duplicate names, but differing formats, foundries, versions or styles. Use it to detect and delete fonts you don't need. A clean, high-integrity font catalog is just minutes away.

Lightning-Fast Search
Search fonts by name, style, foundry, designer, tags, comments, ratings, and other metadata. Perform complex searches and save their results as Smart Sets that auto-update as you add fonts to your collection.

Auto-Activation in More Apps
Auto-activate fonts as you open documents in Adobe CC 2023 InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator as well as QuarkXPress 2022 and other popular Mac apps. Requires FontAgent 10.0.2 or later.

Sharable, Searchable Tags
Tag fonts with keywords and use them to create Smart Sets to search, preview, compare and activate related fonts easily. When you share your fonts with others, you share their tags as well - no extra effort required.

Freeform Comments
Enter freeform comments for your fonts and sets to describe the projects, clients, colors, type settings or treatments. Later, search your comments to find the fonts you need for any of your projects, and use them consistently.

Subscription Fonts Integration
Fonts activated in Adobe Fonts and other subscription services appear automatically in FontAgent and work just like all your other fonts. A goldmine of online fonts is at your fingertips& and in your workflow.

Print and Export Your Fonts
Create custom waterfalls, paragraphs, logos, glyph sets as hardcopy and PDF output for sharing with others. Export fonts into organized folder hierarchies for archiving or sending to service bureaus.
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Benutzerlizenz: 1 Benutzer, 2 Geräte - keine zeitgleiche Nutzung erlaubt


  • macOS Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur oder Catalina
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