3D Design Studio for SketchUp Subscription - Single-User License - 12 Monate

3D Design Studio is a comprehensive package of plugins and add-ons for SketchUp to provide the tools you need for creation of 3D scenes, SketchUp Renderings, reporting and client presentations.
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Get everything you need to enhance your creation, presentation and reporting of 3D layouts -... mehr
Get everything you need to enhance your creation, presentation and reporting of 3D layouts - all in a single package.

The 3D Design Studio includes:

  • IRender nXt - Photorealistic renderings using our popular rendering engine.
  • RpTools - Tools for placement and editing of components, and other objects, into your 3D model.
  • SpaceDesign - Attributes and Custom Reports on items placed in your 3D model.
  • RPS 3D PDF - Interactive 3D PDFs for viewing your model on your website and PDF files.
If you are creating 3D models - Buildings, Landscapes, 3D structures, Products for sale, etc., - then the 3D Design Studio has the tools you need to work productively and to present your designs to your clients.


2022 IRender nXt - Compatible with SketchUp through 2022 - Full Powered Photorealistic Rendering for SketchUp

We make it easy for you to create top quality renderings.

  • Quick and Easy to use
    Whether designing for work or fun, IRender nXt's seamless SketchUp integration makes it quick and easy to create photo-realistic renderings that show your designs at their best.
  • Time-Saving Features
    IRender nXt optimizes your design-time by saving your settings inside the SketchUp model and allowing post-render processing. Update your design and update your render, without starting over again.
  • Great Results
    With the IRender nXt you can create great results. Save time with an efficient workflow that makes changes easy. Create stunning images that wow your client and help you win business.
  • You can make great renderings right out of the box.


Create interactive 3D PDF documents from SketchUp models
Export 3D geometry, with colors and textures, into an Interactive 3D frame in the Adobe PDF file. Add titles, notes and comments to the PDF document easily using the 3D PDF Wizard.


Component Placement and Editing Tools for SketchUp
Makes it easy to layout 3D components from the 3D Warehouse (or your own components).
  • Components: Select, Place, Move, Copy, Rotate, Mirror, Stretch, Aim...
  • 2D Plotting - Edge line colors and thickness, 2D Text
  • Rooms - create a room for quick placement of components
  • Shapes - create standard 3D shapes.
  • NprTools - Non-Photorealistic rendering effects.


Attributes, Reports, Calculations and Information extracted from your SketchUp model.´





  • SketchUp 8 - SketchUp 2024
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