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Corona ist eine Rendering-Engine für Autodesk 3ds Max und Maxon Cinema 4D, die speziell auf Architektur-, Automobil- und Produkt-Visualisierungen ausgerichtet ist.
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Elevate your work to new levels of creativity and realism with Corona 11.  Enjoy faster and... mehr
Elevate your work to new levels of creativity and realism with Corona 11.  Enjoy faster and easier scene creation and detailing with a powerful set of new tools at your fingertips.

What's new in Chaos Corona 11?

  • Easily create stunning bathrooms, kitchens, walls, and floors with procedural tiles thanks to Corona Tile Map
  • Define upper and lower limits for scattering, creating more realistic nature scenes with Scatter Altitude
  • Fast and easy way to have scattered items look in the same direction using Scatter Look At
  • Easily apply effects like weathering and staining to the edges of objects with Edge Map/Edge shader
  • Add an extra layer of action to your scenes with Pyro simulations of smoke, fire, and more in Corona 11 for Cinema 4D
  • Corona Power Tools allowing you to speed up the design process in Corona 11 for 3ds Max

Chaos Corona 10 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D adds many powerful tools to allow artists to create their 3D worlds faster and with more detail than ever. Corona is available as a single license that works for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D, and with Premium and Solo offerings just like V-Ray. The Corona Premium license includes Chaos Phoenix, Chaos Scans, and Chaos Player, while both Solo and Premium include Chaos Scatter and Chaos Cosmos.

What's new in Corona 10 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D?

  • Easily add cracks, dirt, stickers, etching, embossing, and more thanks to individual control over the material channels (Diffuse, Displacement, Metalness, etc.) affected by a Corona Decal.
  • Fly cameras through smoke and clouds, or have them half-submerged in water with accurate rendering from Cameras inside volumetric materials such as those from Phoenix simulations.
  • Brighter, more accurate Caustics when rendering to large resolutions.
  • Greatly improved quality of blurred highlights when using Depth of Field.
  • Easily find and adjust scatters, lights, proxies, displacement, and cameras using the new Listers.
  • Apply the same Triplanar, Color Correction, or Mapping Randomizer to multiple maps at once with new multi input and output options. No longer will you have to edit multiple nodes or spend time setting up control nodes to keep different maps in sync.

Key features in Corona 9 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D

Procedural Clouds. HDRIs may look good, but they are fixed to a certain time of day, cannot be adjusted, and don't animate. The previous Corona Sky let you animate the time of day with ease, and now goes further with the addition of Procedural Clouds which allow users to adjust and animate realistic cloud cover in their scenes, with minimal impact on render times or memory needs.
Corona Pattern. Corona Pattern lets users tile real geometry over a surface, with the same ease as they'd tile a texture. This gives far more realism than they would obtain using alpha, bump, and displacement maps, and it also requires far less memory than those alternatives. Prime examples are when creating knitted or woven fabrics, wire fences, jewelry such as necklaces, but also much more!
Edge Trimming in Chaos Scatter. Users have loved the power and ease of Chaos Scatter, introduced in Corona 8. The most requested addition to Scatter was for Edge Trimming, allowing better control over the edges of grass lawns, for example, something that many users told us they would find useful. We are happy to meet their requests and provide this tool in this update.

What's new?

Chaos Phoenix
Chaos Phoenix is a dynamics simulator that integrates seamlessly with 3ds Max and Corona to create realistic fire, smoke, liquids, flames, explosions, ocean waves, mist, splashes, and more.
Chaos Phoenix was previously out of reach of many Corona users due to its separate price, but now it is included with every Corona Premium subscription.
Chaos Scans
There are some materials that are impossible to recreate with any number of parameters and maps in a generalized material, as they have a unique way of responding to light. This is where Chaos Scans comes in. Each material in the library is meticulously scanned to capture how it interacts with light so that you can drag-and-drop it into your scene for 100% accuracy in both look and scale.
Chaos Player
Now users can quickly preview their animations, or even make essential edits and produce final videos, all without paying for and learning overly-complex software that takes an age to load and does more than they need.
Shutter Curve for Motion Blur
Users can now have precise control over the results of Motion Blur.
Out of Core Rendering for Corona Bitmap Textures
Significant savings in the amount of RAM required for textures loaded via Corona Bitmap help keep overall memory usage a little more manageable.
Depth of Field for the Fisheye Camera
Now Depth of Field can be applied to Fisheye style renders.
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  • 3ds Max 2016-2024 (Windows only) 
  • Cinema 4D R17-2023 (macOS and Windows)
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