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TeamServer ist eine Edition von FontAgent Server, die Teams von bis zu zehn Anwendern unterstützt und damit eine gute on-premise Lösung für kleine Kreativteams, Abteilungen und Agenturen darstellt.
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Centralize and Share Your Fonts Use TeamServer to create a consistent, controlled font... mehr

Centralize and Share Your Fonts

Use TeamServer to create a consistent, controlled font library that you share across all your users to standardize their desktops, projects and designs. You control who can use which fonts using the power and simplicity of Insider's FontFlex technology.

Maintain Font Quality, Accuracy and Consistency

Assure the reliability of your fonts by eliminating corrupt, duplicate and mismatched fonts that wreak havoc on productivity, font activation and document presentation - so everyone can enjoy correct rendering on screen and in print.

Give Creatives the Power They Need

TeamServer users enjoy the full power of FontAgent.
  • Search for fonts by name, weight, slant, keyword, classification and other characteristics
  • Display stunning previews of fonts including side-by-side comparisons
  • Use Font Player" to play slide shows of your fonts
  • Print font books with full color control
  • Auto-activate fonts in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects; Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher; QuarkXPress and other applications

Easy Installation and Maintenance

You don't need a computer science degree to install and use FontAgent TeamServer.
  • Install on existing hardware - no dedicated server required
  • Use its point-and-click Server Manager to invite users
  • Upload fonts and assign user permissions for them
  • Optionally manage font licenses and track their usage in real-time
  • Automatically support local, remote and intermittently connected users, even over slow connections

Looking for More Flexible Font Control?

FontAgent TeamServer is designed for small workgroups who want on-premise font control. Want a solution for a user community of any size? Take look at FontAgent Enterprise Server.
If you would prefer the convenience of a hosted font server, look at FontAgent CloudServer, which offers all the functionality of Enterprise or TeamServer in a hosted-service subscription.
For peer-to-peer font sharing through the cloud in a cost-effective subscription-based service, consider FontAgent Sync.
FontAgent TeamServer runs on Mac, Windows and Linux and supports Mac and Windows clients
1 x Serverlizenz inkl. 5 Client-Lizenzen. mehr


1 x Serverlizenz inkl. 5 Client-Lizenzen.


In an on-premises configuration, you run the server software in a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) on a Mac, Windows or Linux server connected to your network.
The Server supports FontAgent 8, 9 and 10 Connected Clients. So it supports client connections from macOS Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur oder Catalina.
The Windows client runs on Windows 10 and 11.
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