MadLaser Extension for MadMapper 5.x

MadLaser is the laser extension for MadMapper. MadMapper Lizenz benötigt, gehört nicht zum Lieferumfang.


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  • Mac/Win
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Native MadMapper integration Blends seamlessly into MadMapper Use Midi Osc Dmx Usb... mehr

Native MadMapper integration

  • Blends seamlessly into MadMapper
  • Use Midi Osc Dmx Usb Arduino with MadLaser
  • Unlimited Bezier Masks
  • Laser Mesh Warping
  • Laser Bezier Lines
  • Bezier text with Stroke Font support
  • Laser surfaces FX
  • In-app ARM laser button
  • In-app laser output statistics
  • Laser beam preview
  • 32 bit in-app laser precision (output limited by DAC)
  • Laser soft edge
  • Laser generators
  • Dispatching of laser content to multiple lasers
  • Laser output sendable to external previsualisation apps

Laser Projector

  • Unlimited laser projectors
  • Laser projector Masking
  • Laser projector safety zone
  • Configurable laser FPS output
  • Configurable scanner PPS up to 100k
  • Advanced Laser controls: blanking, point repeat

Hardware support

  • Etherdream
  • ShowNet
  • Helios USB
  • FB3/FB4 on Windows (Pangolin Beyond license required)
  • Moncha
  • AVB / Dante
  • LaserCube
  • More hardware support in the future

File IO

  • ILDA frame / stream input + output
  • SVG file support
  • OBJ mesh wire rendering to laser

Image Vectorization

  • Gpu accelerated realtime vectorization
  • Custom vector engine based on openCV
  • Works with any MadMapper supported image-based media
  • Support for Paths and Contours
  • Support for color sampling
  • Convert vectorized image to editable vector path
  • Angle optimisations
  • Laser polyline filtering and limiting

Laser Materials

  • Generative shader-based materials (GLSL)
  • In-app live shader editing
  • Design draw order prioritisation
  • Feedback support for damping effects
  • Numerous free laser materials through the library

Software Integrations

  • Depence 2
  • Capture
  • OpenFrameworks/ C++ with PONK protocol


  • Requires MadMapper 5 to run
  • Windows 10 (64-bit)


  • Requires MadMapper 5 to run
  • macOS 10.13 or newer
  • MadMapper 5 is an M1 native application, fully compatible with macOS Big Sur, Monterey and new M1 Mac computers.
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