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Mega Pack Bundle for Cinema 4D
899,00 €
The Mega Pack includes every C4D model and material The Pixel Lab has ever created in one pack! Over 1,275 models, 840+ materials.
Pixel Lab
Industrial Pack for Cinema 4D
50,00 €
Dozens of elements you can use to grunge up your industrial scenes. Included are 2 3D environments, 25 industrial models, 10 HDRIs, 9 C4D metal textures and 50 texture images. Also included are tons of trusses, beams and metal objects.
Pixel Lab
Industrial Pack 2 for Cinema 4D
69,00 €
A follow up pack to our original Industrial Pack, this products includes even more content with 20 models, 10 shaders, 5 full 3D scenes, 30 textures, 24 HDRIs and a studio set.
Pixel Lab
City Pack for Cinema 4D
50,00 €
A pack full of anything you would need for an urban scene including over 20 models, 3 full 3D environments, 16 graffiti textures and 40 image textures. Included are train tunnels, office spaces, dumpsters, fire hydrants, railroad crossing signs, etc.
Pixel Lab
Video Production Pack for Cinema 4D
59,00 €
Over 20 extremely detailed video production themed elements to help you build your scenes. Included are items like a tv camera, dolly, studio lightings, jib arm, tripod, audio mixer, film reels and much more.
Pixel Lab
Video Production Pack for Element 3D
50,00 €
16 video production themed models textured and prepped to be used in Video Copilot Element 3D. Please note: we have excluded the 4 interior scenes from this pack. Because of the high poly count they were not able to be prepared in Element 3D.
Pixel Lab
Redshift C4D Material Pack 1
85,00 €
135 pre-made complex materials so you can save time & node tree headaches!
Pixel Lab
Redshift C4D Material Pack 2
99,00 €
150 materials which are 100% 4K or procedural materials! With completely different/new materials, this pack is a perfect compliment to Pack 1.
Pixel Lab
Redshift Lighting Essentials Bundle
175,00 €
Get Redshift Lighting Essentials Volume 1 and Volume 2 together and save over 20%! That’s over 30 professional lighting studios for Redshift to elevate your projects to the next level.
Pixel Lab
Redshift Bundle: Material Pack 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
369,00 €
Dieses Bundle beinhaltet das Redshift Material Pack 1, 2, 3, 4 und 5 für Cinema 4D. Insgesamt fast 800 Materialien. Ca. 20% Ersparnis gegenüber dem Einzelkauf der Material Packs.