Dragonframe 4 Upgrade from DF3 or DSM2

Dragonframe ist die führende Bildaufnahme-Software für Stop-Motion-Animation.
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Create beautiful animation, one frame at a time. ANIMATE YOUR WAY Step directly between live... mehr

Create beautiful animation, one frame at a time.

Step directly between live view and captured frames or switch to auto-toggle. Loop playback to get the sense of movement youre aiming for. The playback and stepping functions are fully customizable for your needs.

Load multiple reference stills or videos and view them with your animation. Blend them with opacity, pull a chromakey (blue screen), and even assign a garbage matte to see just the part you want. Pop out reference videos into a synchronized player if you want it off to the side.

With the Dragonframe keypad, you can stay focused on animating instead of hunting around with the mouse. And the hotkeys are fully configurable, so if you really like a feature that is not on the keypad, you can move it there.

Perfect your exposure, focus and composition.

Set camera settings such as shutter speed, ISO and white balance directly from the program. Check and adjust focus with Canon, Nikon, Olympus or Fujifilm cameras. Take test shots and get your shot right, before you start.

Compose for multiple formats with confidence. Create custom aspect ratio masks. Combine masks with TV-safe guides. Add grid overlays for help with composition. Add a push-in mask to allow post-production push-in or panning.

Check images at full-resolution. Check for over or underexposed areas with the clipping view. Load images from other scenes to compare exposure and composition. Compare image contrast with the Digital Densitometer.

Add audio and perform character track readings.

Import multiple audio tracks and make basic edits. Split tracks and drag segments to adjust timing on the fly. You can even move waveforms and character track readings together, to keep them in sync.

Create characters, scrub through your audio, and assign words and phonetics for all your dialogue. View this data while animating, in the X-Sheet, Timeline, or Audio HUD.

Take your lighting to the next level with Dragonframes exposure-based DMX lighting board.

Control up to 512 lighting channels in conjunction with our DDMX-S3, DMC-16 or DMC+. You define your lighting program before you shoot, and then watch as Dragonframe controls your lights during the shot, leaving your animators to focus on animating.

Define your lighting program with keyframes. Adjust the smoothness in each direction with a simplified bezier handlegiving you a large degree of control while maintaining an efficient programming interface.

Its easy to create custom lighting programs for different exposures. You can customize the exposures lighting program directly, or create a new program for one or more exposures to share.

Program complex camera moves in an intuitive interface.

Integrated motion control means that you can program camera moves and lighting effects from within the same system. It means that you can quickly preview moves using the same camera you will be animating with. It means that the lighting and motion control will be in the right place, at the right time. So if the animator needs to reshoot a few frames, Dragonframe can safely move the rig back into the proper position, every time.

Once youve programmed a move, youll want to test it out. Run a move test within the Arc workspace and see how it looks. The move test captures video assist frames only, in order to speed up the test process. On a long move, you can reshoot just the section youre working on. Youll have the move perfected in record time.

You can use a wide range of hardware, from the do-it-yourself Arduino-based DFMoco sketch to the Volo motion control crane.
New Features in version 4.2:
  • Increase maximum allowed video assist size to 1920 wide. (Video assist resolution is usually limited by camera.)  
  • New take/exposure/frame notes stored in metadata text file for passing on to post-production.  
  • Reference images can now be popped out into separate window.  
  • New alternate composition guide layers, for framing for multiple deliveries.  
  • New movie record tool in Cinematography workspace makes it more clear which settings will be used when camera is set to record video.  
  • New motion control adjustment layer to apply subtle adjustments to moves.  
  • New motion control time warp feature to stretch or compress final move over time.  
  • New DMX keyframe table view.  
  • Support for simple arithmetic in many Arc and DMX fields. 
  • Support for 4K webcams and Elgato Cam Link 4K. 

New Features:

  • New Bluetooth keypad controller option.
  • New Guide Layers makes it easy to set up composition guides, line-up layers and drawings.
  • Multiple line-up layers with separate opacity, chromakeying and masking.
  • Integrated reference video player with animation time sync.
  • Timeline pre-roll area for setting up lead-in clip.
  • Multiple drawing layers with separate opacity.
  • Improved live view magnification tools.
  • New focus check tool within Animation workspace.
  • New color palette (swatch) sampling and comparison.
  • New color checking tools.
  • High-resolution image comparison tools (A/B).
  • Movie recording and playback for supported cameras.
  • Import multiple audio clips.
  • Custom DMX light profiles.
  • Improved live view and test shot setup in DMX.
  • Improved motion control keyframe editing.
  • Import raw motion control moves from Maya.
  • Support for many Sony Alpha A7 full frame mirrorless cameras.
  • Support for Olympus OMD E-M1, E-M1 II and E-M5 II micro four thirds cameras.
  • Support for iPhone as a capture device.
You may activate the software on one computer for every license you purchase. You may also... mehr


You may activate the software on one computer for every license you purchase. You may also activate a single license on a second computer if Dragonframe will not be used on both at the same time.



  • Windows 7/8.1/10


  • macOS 11
  • macOS 10.10 - macOS 10.15


  • 64-bit Ubuntu 12+ or Fedora 20+ (Ubuntu recommended) 
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