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Wissenschaftliche Daten effektiv auswerten und präsentieren. GraphPad Prism ist eine Software zur wissenschaftlichen Grafik, Datenanalyse, Biostatistik und Präsentation, Kurvenanpassung und zur Erstellung von wissenschaftlichen Grafiken.


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Comprehensive Analysis and Powerful Statistics, Simplified     Organize Your... mehr

Comprehensive Analysis and Powerful Statistics, Simplified


graphpad prismOrganize Your Data Effectively

Unlike spreadsheets or other scientific graphing programs, Prism has eight different types of data tables specifically formatted for the analyses you want to run. This makes it easier to enter data correctly, choose suitable analyses, and create stunning graphs.


graphpad prism

Perform The Right Analysis

Avoid statistical jargon. In clear language, Prism presents an extensive library of analyses from common to highly specific - nonlinear regression, t tests, nonparametric comparisons, one-, two- and three-way ANOVA, analysis of contingency tables, survival analysis, and much more. Each analysis has a checklist to help you understand the required statistical assumptions and confirm you have selected an appropriate test.


graphpad prismGet Actionable Help As You Go

Reduce the complexity of statistics. Prisms online help goes beyond your expectations. At almost every step, access thousands of pages from the online Prism Guides. Browse the Graph Portfolio and learn how to make a wide range of graph types. Tutorial data sets also help you understand why you should perform certain analyses and how to interpret your results.


Work Smarter, Not Harder


graphpad prism

One-Click Regression Analysis

No other program simplifies curve fitting like Prism. Select an equation and Prism does the restfits the curve, displays a table of results and function parameters, draws the curve on the graph, and interpolates unknown values.


graphpad prismFocus on Your Research, Not Your Software

No coding required. Graphs and results are automatically updated in real time. Any changes to the data and analysesadding missed data, omitting erroneous data, correcting typos, or changing analysis choicesare reflected in results, graphs, and layouts instantaneously.


graphpad prism

Automate Your Work Without Programming

Reduce tedious steps to analyze and graph a set of experiments. It is easy to replicate your work by creating a template, duplicating a family, or cloning a graphsaving you hours of set up time. Apply a consistent look to a set of graphs with one click using Prism Magic.


The Fastest Way to Elegantly Graph and Share Your Work


graphpad prismCountless Ways to Customize Your Graphs

Focus on the story in your data, not manipulating your software. Prism makes it easy to create the graphs you want. Choose the type of graph, and customize any parthow the data is arranged, the style of your data points, labels, fonts, colors, and much more. The customization options are endless.


graphpad prism

Export Publication-Quality Graphs With One Click

Reduce time to publish. Prism allows you to customize your exports (file type, resolution, transparency, dimensions, color space RGB/CMYK) to meet the requirements of journals. Set your defaults to save time.


graphpad prismEnhance Collaboration

Share more than your graphs. Prisms comprehensive record of your data enables effective collaboration with other scientists. All parts of your Prism project (raw data, analyses, results, graphs, and layouts) are contained in a single file that you can share with one click. Now others can easily follow your work at every step, enhancing the clarity of your findings and streamlining your collaborative efforts.

Introducing an even more powerful Prism featuring enhanced data visualization and graph... mehr
Introducing an even more powerful Prism featuring enhanced data visualization and graph customization, more intuitive navigation, and more sophisticated statistical analyses.

Enhanced Data Visualization

Violin plots
Visualize distributions of large data sets more clearly than with box-whisker or simple bar graphs

Subcolumn graphs
Organize related subsets of nested data in a single graph

Smoothing spline
Major improvements in showing general data trends through Akima splines and smoothing splines with improved control over the number of knots, or inflection points

No more smiles
More intelligent adjustments of data point positions in scatter plots for better looking graphs

Improved Graphing and Customization Options

Draw lines and brackets with centered text
Easily annotate your data with asterisks or custom labels

Automatically label bar graphs
Annotate your bar graphs with values for the means, medians, or sample sizes to emphasize what's important in your work

Improved grouped graphs
Easily create graphs that show both individual points (scatter) along with bars for mean (or median) and error bars


More Intuitive Navigation

Find related sheets easily
New family panel shows the family of sheets related to the current sheet, and chains of analyses are automatically indented

Easily navigate between multiple results tables
Analyses with multiple results tables now grouped into a single sheet with tabs for each result table; choose which tabs to show or hide

Improved Search
Search by sheets with highlights or notes of specified color

Now Featuring Eight Kinds of Data Tables

New: Multiple variables data table
Each row represents a different subject and each column is a different variable, allowing you to perform Multiple linear regression (including Poisson regression), extract subsets of data into other table types, or select and transform subsets of the data

New: Nested data table
Analyze and visualize data that contains subsets within related groups; Perform nested t tests and nested one-way ANOVA using data within these tables

More Sophisticated Statistical Analyses

Perform repeated measures ANOVA even with missing data
Now Prism will automatically fit a mixed effects model to complete this analysis

Powerful Improvements in regular ANOVA
View cell, row, column, and grand means (or least square means when data is missing); test for homogeneity of variance. For one-way ANOVA, choose a test that does not assume homogeneous variances.

Nested t test and nested one-way ANOVA
Utilize new types of data tables to perform nested t-tests and nested ANOVA as well as multiple linear regression (including Poisson regression)

Graph residuals from multiple types of analyses
Test residuals for normality in four different ways, and choose from four different ways to display these residuals

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Group Subscription (Miet-Lizenz): Eine Group Subscription Lizenz gilt für den Zeitraum, den Sie gemäß Ihrer Rechnung für die Software abonniert haben. Ihr Abonnement besteht darin, die Software auf einer autorisierten Anzahl von Computern zu aktivieren. Upgrades auf neuere Versionen während der Laufzeit des Abonnements sind enthalten.


  • Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 32- or 64-bit
  • 100 MB hard drive space
  • Internet connection for activation and also once every 30 days or 20 launches


  • macOS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or later
  • Min. display resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels
  • 130 MB hard drive space
  • Internet connection for activation and also once every 30 days or 20 launches
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