ShotPut Pro 2020

ShotPut Pro for Macintosh and Windows is an automated copy utility application for video, audio and photo files.




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  • Mac/Win
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It makes secure copies of a cards contents, entire hard disks or digital recorders, or selected... mehr
It makes secure copies of a cards contents, entire hard disks or digital recorders, or selected files to multiple locations simultaneously. Version 6 for Macintosh introduces a new user interface with a color-coded progress window, in-depth folder naming options, pause and resume processing, video aware reports with metadata and thumbnails, Finder tags and more.
ShotPut Pro is the industry de-facto standard offloading application for professionals. The simple user interface and robust copy speeds make it indispensable for todays file based workflows.
ShotPut Pro features an all new activation system for remote, web based management. The all new GUI has a color coded status/progress listing with user definable offload identifiers. You can now Pause and Resume offloads making it convenient to pick up and move on location. And offloads may be sequenced by the user for priority completions.
Naming Presets are more powerful than ever. Now you can color code them, sort them, import/export them between users and computers, and build complex combination naming schemes including sub-folder nesting.
There's also a new Direct to Destination mode that allows direct Drag and Drop between drives without creating new offload folders. Finder Tags are retained with your copies. And there is a Favorites list for convenience and organization.
Any attached drives (volumes) have information panels to show you their status and tasks. And offloads of course have similar Detailed information at your finger tips.
The PDF offload report format offers Video Aware information such as extracted video file metadata and progressive thumbnails of the contents of clips.
This is a single CPU application (may only be used on one computer at a time). Includes 12... mehr


This is a single CPU application (may only be used on one computer at a time).
Includes 12 months of updates.


  • macOS 11, 10.15, 10.14, 10.13, 10.12 or 10.11
  • Windows 10
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 16 GB of free hard-disk space recommended
  • Internet access required for automated product activation
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