Shaderlight Pro 2021 for SketchUp

Shaderlight is an interactive rendering software plug-in to SketchUp that lets you create high quality images, quickly and simply.


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Simple to learn and easy to use, Shaderlight brings your images to life in a few simple clicks.... mehr
Simple to learn and easy to use, Shaderlight brings your images to life in a few simple clicks. Weve taken the complexity out of SketchUp rendering so whatever your profession, you can focus on creating better images and animations straight out of SketchUp.


Interactive rendering

  • Shaderlight gives you a choice of rendering modes to optimize your workflow. Choose from progressive rendering with auto-updates for interactive feedback, on-demand updates or single (tiled) mode to render at full quality.

Simple interface

  • Our close integration with SketchUp will make you feel right at home render directly from your SketchUp toolbar, theres no need to import your model first.

Replace Me

  • Shaderlights fantastic new Replace Me feature lets you render detailed models without filling your SketchUp scene with geometry.  Choose from our library of Replace Me models or create your own with the Replace Me creator plugin.

Light fixture library

  • Its now even easier to create real-world lighting using Shaderlight ready light fixtures with embedded IES files to give you the exact light and shadow detail the manufacturer intended.

Refine your image

  • Even when rendering you remain in control. Use zoom and pan to explore the detail of your image or capture your work in progress renders with the snapshot feature

Real world effects

  • Add accurate materials and textures to your 3d model with simple presets directly from SketchUp, then use the adjustable settings to get the perfect finish.

Accurate lighting

  • Illuminate your scene using SketchUps sun, image-based lighting or our physical sky. For realistic interiors simply add a point, spot, area, portal or IES light from Shaderlights simple light editor.

Photoreal finish

  • Its never been simpler to show your 3d model in its real-life setting using image-based lighting or physical sky and your own background image.  Professional lighting images and backgrounds are included in Shaderlight Pro.

Scene animation

  • Create photorealistic animations direct from SketchUp with this brand new feature available in Shaderlight Pro.

Presentation tools

  • Render plans, elevations, and isometric viewpoints or choose Chalk Render mode to produce form studies for a quick, clear presentation of your design intent.

Scatter support

  • Using Skatters Render Only option, an almost unlimited number of object instances can be rendered in Shaderlight without bogging down SketchUp. Instead of creating all of the instances within SketchUp, Skatter will send the specifications for the instances directly to Shaderlight.


  • Whether youre on a Mac or a PC, running SketchUp Free or Pro, if youre modeling in SketchUp then you can render with Shaderlight.


  • Full support for SketchUp 2021
  • Skatter support

Shaderlight has been designed to work with both free and pro versions of SketchUp.


  • Windows 8.1 or later,  Mac OS X 10.9 or later
  • 2 GB RAM
  • SketchUp 2014
  • Internet Explorer 8 or above is required on Windows platforms


  • 8 GB RAM (If you are rendering larger resolution images you will benefit from more RAM, especially if you are working in Auto Update mode. Single (Tiled) mode uses a lot less memory and can be used to render high quality high resolution images)
  • 2GHz+ quad-core processor
  • SketchUp 2014 or later

Some things to consider

  • Shaderlight will make full use of a multi-core processor and will use all cores of all CPUs.
  • Shaderlight wont use the GPU for rendering. SketchUp can use the GPU for its own display, so interactions in SketchUp might benefit.
  • Any given render will require a certain amount of RAM, and having more will not improve render times. Having less than that amount will dramatically increase render times as memory is swapped on and off the hard drive. Unfortunately, its very difficult to predict the amount of RAM needed in advance. In our experience, 8GB is enough for most small-medium complexity scenes at resolutions below 1920×1080. 16GB is enough for more complex scenes at 1920×1080.  As its difficult to know beforehand how much RAM youll need, its worth planning an upgrade path for your future needs.
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