City Rig 2.1 for Cinema 4D

City Rig creates medium to high-detail urban environments and scenery complete with streets, sidewalks, warehouses, hi-rises, factories and residential homes and more.
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WHATS NEW IN CITY RIG 2.1 Updated landscape texture maps Wet streets and sidewalks with... mehr


  • Updated landscape texture maps
  • Wet streets and sidewalks with puddles
  • Snow streets and sidewalks
  • Radio antenna
  • Drop-in Residential Block preset
  • fixes to known issues


  • Over 60 new buildings and structures
  • Synchronized traffic lights (North-South lights are red when East-West are green)
  • Large central park
  • Nuclear facility
  • Concrete bridge with Xpresso to move in one block increments
  • Sports stadium
  • Power lines
  • Low poly proxy for entire city
  • Auto City Rig, city builder for building and configuring cities in minutes
  • Downtown blocks with optional texture surfaces and alleys, sidewalks and grassy boulevards
  • Residential blocks with lawns
  • City Park and Monument blocks with park benches, fences, particle fountain and shrubs
  • Industrial blocks with warehouses and factory
  • Vacant lot with chain link fence and barbed wire and optional shipping containers
  • 25 urban and residential buildings & structures
  • Posable hi-rise buildings
  • Adjustable steel trestle bridge
  • Parking lot and parking ramp
  • Industrial oil tanks with alternating textures
  • Retro traffic lights
  • Retro street lights
  • Modern traffic lights
  • Modern street lights
  • Trees with iron grates and planar treeline divider
  • Two landscapes including river
  • US Post box, Newspaper machine, trash bin, fire hydrant and parking meters
  • Bus stop kiosk
  • Gas station with car wash
  • Three residential home models with randomizing textures
  • EZ Sky for quick renders
  • Asset Cloner for creating multiple-block cities
  • North, South, East West orientation
  • Asset Mover for precise and easy configuration of assets
  • Adjustable road sections and concrete street divider
  • Billboards with ads
  • Water tower
  • Stop sign and street signs


  • Requires Cinema 4D R16 or higher
  • Some adjustable buildings require the character morph options only available in Cinema 4D Studio
  • EZ Sky tool requires physical sky module only available in Cinema 4D Visualize and Cinema 4D Studio


  • Cinema 4D R16 oder höher


  • Cinema 4D R16 oder höher
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