Plugin Suite for Cinema 4D

All Greyscalegorilla's tools for one low price. Includes Light Kit Pro, HDRI Link, HDRI Studio Rig, Signal, GorillaCam, Transform, City Kit, and Topcoat.
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Light Kit Pro Real Studio Lights for Cinema 4D The original Greyscalegorilla plugin, rebuilt... mehr

Light Kit Pro

Real Studio Lights for Cinema 4D The original Greyscalegorilla plugin, rebuilt and reimagined for todays 3D artists. This is the all-new Light Kit Pro 3. Create professional studio lighting for products and objects with total control.


HDRI Link is a workflow plugin that allows third-party renderers to connect with Greyscalegorillas extensive HDRI library via their intuitive Browser technology. Choosing the right HDRI for your scene is often done by trial and error. HDRI Link makes this process as easy as a click.

HDRI Studio Rig

Professionally Lit Renders And Animations in Cinema 4D Over 70 HDRI maps and tools to quickly turn your models or scenes into perfect HDR renders.


Signal allows you to instantly create complex animations with intricate loops, realistic noise, additive effects, and all with no keyframes.


GorillaCam is designed to work with your existing animated (or un-animated) camera. Its purpose is simple. GorillaCam makes your camera feel like a real person is behind it, not some cold, dead machine.


Instant Animation Tool for Cinema 4D Build, destroy, morph, clone, and explode your objects or type in seconds. No keyframes required.

City Kit

Instant City Generator for Cinema 4D Build and customize cities and neighborhoods with one click for your project, while saving hours of Modeling and Rendering.


Topcoat is a texturing plugin from Greyscalegorilla that makes reflectance and adding realistic reflection to your scene easy and beautiful.




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