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Corona Renderer delivers high quality, physically-based shading in production rendering. All its features are tightly integrated into Autodesk 3ds Max.
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What's included Corona, which integrates into your 3D software (varies by installer)... mehr

What's included

  • Corona, which integrates into your 3D software (varies by installer)
  • Corona Distributed Rendering Server (3ds Max; for Cinema 4D, native Team Render is used)
  • Chaos License Server
  • Chaos Scatter
  • Chaos Cosmos
  • Corona Image Editor
  • Corona Standalone
  • Corona Material Library (downloaded from Chaos server during installation)


Ease of use

Usability is our most powerful feature. Render setup is really as simple as pressing Render.


Chaos Corona delivers predictable, reliable, and physically plausible results with no compromises in quality. Realistic lighting and materials, including caustics, are yours right out of the box.

Powerful workflow tools

The output quality and speed are not the only things that make a great renderer. That is why Corona comes with many "little" workflow tweaks that will make your life much easier.

Render-ready content

Time is money, so you need to create your scenes quickly and easily. Corona comes with a substantial collection of premade content - from models and assets, to skies and materials - which will help you build your world in record-quick time.


Our design goal for Corona materials is to make them physically based, yet intuitive, flexible, and easy to set up.


The whole process of creating lights is designed to give artists complete control over their scene, while being fast and intuitive...

Speed & interactivity

A usable renderer must always deliver final results as fast as possible and react to the user's actions in a split second. And that is what we are always looking for.

Distributed rendering

Rendering with multiple computers at once is essential for any real production. Corona facilitates this in multiple ways - for example it has its own distributed rendering system, and it is compatible with the Backburner and Thinkbox's Deadline render farm management systems.

Proudly CPU based

Chaos Corona does not need any special hardware to run. It uses the CPU and you can run it on any processor from Intel or AMD released in the past decade.

Chaos Cosmos - Instant content for your scenes, at no charge, accessible within your 3D... mehr
  • Chaos Cosmos - Instant content for your scenes, at no charge, accessible within your 3D software.
  • Chaos Scatter - Add rocks, plants, and other details to your scene with ease.
  • Corona Decal - Easily add surface details or imperfections, including displacement, from within the 3D viewport, reducing the need to fiddle with UV placement, making it the best-in-industry solution for decals that we know of.
  • ACES OT - just one of the new operators in the Tone Mapping stack, but we're calling it out on its own as it's one we are sure you will love. No settings required, just enable it and enjoy the final look this gives your image.
  • Customizable Tone Mapping in the VFB - More realistic results with greater customization options, as you can now create your own customizable stack of tone mapping controls.
  • Corona Slicer - Create easy cutaways that can be animated, which are faster, more forgiving on topology, and have none of the instability of geometry-based booleans.
  • Corona Curvature map - Add dirt or wear-and-tear to objects with ease.
  • Cryptomatte support - A masking option that works with motion blur and depth of field, to make post-processing easier than ever.
  • Adjustable PBR reflection tail - Even more realistic materials allowing for "softer" reflections without the blurriness of Roughness/Glossiness.
  • Caustics Include/Exclude control.
1 Floating workstation license (works also as a render node) mehr


1 Floating workstation license (works also as a render node)


  • 64-bit Autodesk 3ds Max 2014-2023
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