Corona Renderer 7 Floating Workstation License for 3ds Max

Corona Renderer delivers high quality, physically-based shading in production rendering. All its features are tightly integrated into Autodesk 3ds Max.


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  Highlights: 2.5D displacement: saves significant memory and reduces parsing... mehr



  • 2.5D displacement: saves significant memory and reduces parsing times
  • Caustics improvements: saves significant memory and renders faster, plus other improvements
  • Overall memory, parsing time, and render time savings for all scenes (no changes required!)
  • New hair and skin materials added to the Material Library
  • Hair rendering (Max native, Ornatrix, or Hair Farm) needs less memory
  • Various quality of life improvements, UI tweaks, and bug fixes!


Rendering Quality

Corona Renderer delivers predictable, reliable, and physically plausible results with no compromises in quality. Realistic lighting and materials are yours right out of the box

Biased and Unbiased Rendering

Corona Renderer offers both biased and unbiased rendering solutions.

By default, Corona Renderer uses a slightly biased solution, very close to being unbiased but considerably reducing render times. This is the recommended solution and works without you having to do any setup whatsoever. Corona Renderer will always deliver crisp, realistic results without splotches, interpolation artifacts or any other visual imperfections.

Although most users never need it, the option does exist to choose to render in a fully unbiased mode using advanced rendering algorithms like BDPT/VCM. These algorithms can enhance certain specific features in rendering, such as caustics, but with the associated performance penalty.

UHD Cache

Traditionally, you had to choose between using unbiased algorithms with no caching and accept long render times, or using biased caching algorithms and deal with splotches, missing shadows, and sensitive input parameters. Corona Renderer merges the best of both worlds the UHD cache is significantly faster than plain path tracing, but does not suffer from artifacts, missing contact shadows, or complicated UI controls.

The UHD cache uses only partial caching, so does not try to interpolate everything. While this is slower than a fully cached solution (such as irradiance caching), it does not create artifacts, only the noise that eventually goes away.

The UHD cache is an ideal solution for animation and significantly reduces flickering even when light sources or geometry are moving. This is especially important when the cache cannot be precomputed.

Ease Of Use

Noone calls themselves a 3D Technician everyone rightly calls themselves a 3D artist, and that means your tools should be as close to invisible as possible so they dont get in the way of your creativity.

Corona Renderer is one of the easiest to learn render engines. Its setup really is as simple as pressing Render! Most new users will learn Corona Renderer in just one day, and fall in love with it over the next few.

Easy to Understand

Our mission with Corona Renderer is to liberate users from the technical, unnatural process that rendering was in the past. We are constantly trying to simplify the creative process by removing or hiding any unnecessary technical settings, so artists can focus on their vision. The era of studying manuals and sampling tweaking is over. Just press render and let Corona do its magic.


Corona Renderer is developed in tight cooperation with the artist community. Its creators are former artists as well, so this collective knowledge and experience play a huge role in the design and ongoing development.

Whether you are looking to purchase your first third-party renderer, or you are already a pro who has used many different engines, youll find Corona Renderers ease of use to be refreshing!

Use the Tools you Like

Corona Renderer is compatible with a huge range of third-party plugins, so you can continue to use any tools you already have integrated into your workflow whether you are using Coronas Interactive Rendering or doing a final render, you can keep right on using iToos Forest Pack and RailClone, Siger Shaders, Quixel Megascans, Allegorithmic Substance, Phoenix FD, FumeFX, Ornatrix, Hair Farm, and many more.

Corona Renderer is also compatible with the core VRay Materials and VRay Lights, which allows you to render those using Corona even if VRay is not installed. This is ideal for downloading VRay assets from model stores, or if you already have a library of assets in VRay format, or if you are studio using both engines, and so on.

Check out which VRay features are supported and support will be growing in the future.

Whether this is your first time adding a new renderer, or you are already a pro who has used many different engines, youll find Corona Renderers ease of use to be refreshing!


Speed & Interactivity

Speed is an important factor in any production environment, and a renderer must always deliver results as fast as possible.

As a result, we are obsessed with speed! We like to hunt for milliseconds in our own code and are always looking for ways to cut down parsing and rendering times without forcing users to buy expensive hardware, by focusing on creating smart algorithms under the hood. In every version we release, we look to boost the speed of rendering as much as possible as well as adding new features.

Corona Renderer uses Intel Embree Ray Tracing Kernels, making the CPUonly Corona as fast as many GPU renderers but without any of the limitations of GPUbased solutions


The denoising feature analyzes noise in the 3D space, so is not just a 2D postprocess. You can use it to reduce the number of passes needed to get a noise-free image, with render time reductions of 50 to 70% reported to us by third parties in commercial usage (not in carefully crafted test scenes!). It will also remove fireflies (hot pixels) from an image, and can be used only in that mode if required.

Denoising is seamlessly integrated into the core as a one-click solution. The denoising level can be interactively adjusted in the VFB after rendering is complete so that you are not locked into the level set in the rendering options. This lets you check and adjust the blending between the regular and the denoised image without having to re-render. You can also calculate Denoising in the Corona Image Editor rather than at render time and without the overhead of working in a 3D application.

Interactive Rendering

Corona Renderer aims to make you faster as well as your renders, with a workflow that is secondtonone. Thanks to its fully-featured Interactive Rendering, Corona Renderer brings you all the same advantages as a GPU render engine but without any of the drawbacks and limitations.

You can change materials, lights, and create or adjust geometry and see your interactive render respond almost immediately. It runs completely on the CPU, so it has no limitations and wont care what graphics card you have installed.

NVIDIA GPU Denoising

The NVIDIA OptiX denoiser lets you denoise your interactive renders, giving you a noise-free image in record time. You arent limited to using it only for interactive rendering, however, you can also use the GPU denoiser for final renders too if you choose.

Note that this denoiser requires a compatible NVIDIA graphics card. Standard denoising uses the CPU only so can be used with any graphics card.

What You See Is What You Get

Our interactive rendering is an integral part of the Corona core and shares over 99.9% of the regular renderer code. This means that all features of Corona Renderer are supported and that the results are the same as your final render you can render motion blur, DOF, create proxies, scatter systems and more, all with instant feedback.


Because our interactive and regular renderer is almost identical, all types of geometry and proxies are supported. The same goes for all the 3ds Max maps and third party maps. Even the advanced third-party plugins, such as Itoo Forest Pack, or hair and fur from Ornatrix, and Hair Farm, work as expected. You can find a full list of supported plugins in the Resources section.

Interactive Rendering also offers as many render regions as you like, which can be moved and resized as you choose. This means that so that they can act as a sample brush, letting you paintin areas which you want to refine faster or inspect at better quality.

If you want to know more about the differences between CPU and GPU solutions, you can see here why we are proudly CPU based.

Efficient Handling of Many Lights

Corona handles scenes with many lights without problems and with no penalty to render time, so that you dont have to worry about trying to optimize your scene.

Adaptive Image Sampling

This balances out the rendering calculations over the image to focus more processing power on tricky areas like shadows. By keeping noise more evenly distributed, this gives a usable image more quickly, and also allows Denoising to work its magic.



  • Autodesk 3ds Max 2014-2022
  • 64-bit Microsoft Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10)
  • Installation requires administrator privileges
  • Distributed rendering also requires matching Backburner version
  • Oldest supported Phoenix FD version is now 3.11.04 with Corona 3.
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