Hair Farm 2 Pro for 3ds Max

Hair Farm is not just another tool for producing hair on virtual characters. It is a completely new design that combines state-of-the-art technologies with an artist-friendly user interface and a flexible workflow.
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  • Full feature set of Hair Farm
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Some of the novel technologies in Hair Farm are the following:
  • A whole new hair modeling pipeline combining the best ideas both the industry and the academia, including hair mesh modeling,
  • An artist-friendly realistic hair material that can efficiently handle complicated light behavior like multiple scattering in hair volume to produce physically-based realism,
  • A highly optimized high-quality ray tracer for hair that automatically handles anti-aliasing without the need to specify the number of samples,
  • A whole new hair simulation technique that can robustly handle complicated models and advanced physical behavior like hair-hair interaction,
  • Technologies in curve representations for modeling and rendering.
These novel technologies in their most advanced form only exist in Hair Farm. No other hair production tool, including commercial software and proprietary tools used in major studios, has these technologies. With Hair Farm you can produce images that cannot be replicated by any other software in the world!

Model the Exact Hairstyle You Want!
Hair Farm's revolutionary hair modeling pipeline gives you precise control over the shape of your hair model. Hair modeling has never been so easy! If you can model anything at all, you will be able to model the exact hair that you want with Hair Farm!
Hair Farm comes with various tools which make modeling all hair from fur to medium and long hair exceptionally simple. Even very long hair, which has been extraordinarily difficult with all previous hair modeling tools, is as simple as modeling any other object! The variety of modeling tools permits choosing your own way of modeling hair depending on your target hairstyle. With Hair Farm you don't need to be satisfied by some hair model that looks somewhat similar to what you imagined; Hair Farm allows you to create exactly what you had in mind and makes it easier than ever before!
Hair Farm also has many hairstyling tools that provide global control over the shapes of individual hair strands. These hairstyling tools can be applied to any hair model in any order and any number of times, so that you can easily achieve the result you want. All hairstyling tools have various parameters allowing you to easily and precisely control their effect. Furthermore, most of these parameters can be controlled by assigning maps, and so you can easily have different parameter values for each hair strand if you like.

State-of-the-Art Hair Materials!
Hair Farm comes with two separate hair materials, one of which is intended for cartoon-like or stylized characters, while the other one is physically-based and designed for realistic looking hair. Both of these materials are exceptionally easy to use.
The realistic hair material of Hair Farm successfully combines the state-of-the-art techniques in physically-based hair rendering with an artist-friendly and easy-to-use interface. It efficiently performs sophisticated physical computations such as multiple scattering of light through the hair volume to produce all the little details you need for realistic-looking hair. Furthermore, it provides a user-friendly interface that makes it appear similar to any other material in 3ds Max.
Both hair materials can be edited in the material editor of 3ds Max. Just like any other material in 3ds Max, almost all parameters can be controlled by assigning maps. You can easily control how these maps are applied to different hair strands as well as along a hair strand from its root to its tip using Hair Farm's UVW mapping capabilities. Transparency is handled exactly as any other transparent object in 3ds Max. No need to hack hair transparency with multiple passes as 3ds Max's Hair and Fur modifier does! Simply change the opacity parameter of a hair material, and hairs become as transparent as you like!


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