CADtools 13 for Illustrator 2019-2021

CADtools ist ein Adobe Illustrator Plug-In für technisches Konstruieren und technisches Zeichnen für Grafikdesign, Architektur und Produktdesign.



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  Mit CADtools von Hot Door erhalten Sie verschiedene Zeichen- und... mehr
Mit CADtools von Hot Door erhalten Sie verschiedene Zeichen- und Dimensionierungs-Werkzeuge für Adobe Illustrator. Zum Beispiel für Ellipsen, zentrierte Kreise, Kreisausschnitte, zentrierte Rechtecke, Eckabschnitte, Mauerecken, Linien und Wände, das Zeichnen, die Projektion und die Dimensionierung von Isometrien.
Die präzisen Tools sind unter anderem für die Bereiche Design, Tagging, Skalierung, Dimensionierung, Konvertierung, Bearbeitung und mehr ausgelegt. Sie erleichtern Ihnen die Arbeit an Ihren Entwürfen, Zeichnungen und Projekten.
CADtools bietet außer den Werkzeugen noch hunderte Vector Symbole: menschliche Figuren, Objekte für den Innen- und Außenraum, Möbel, Armaturen, Pflanzen - alles was Sie benötigen, um Ihre Zeichnungen zum Leben zu erwecken. Verschiedene CAD Muster wie Holzoberflächen, Putz, Mauerwerk, Fliesen- und Steinbeläge machen die Oberflächen Ihrer Zeichnungen noch realistischer.
Erstellen Sie mit CADtools also nicht nur visuell ansprechendere Arbeiten, sondern auch genauere und exaktere Zeichnungen, und bleiben Sie dabei trotzdem flexibel, schnell und effektiv!
Mit Version 13 wurden die Tools weiter verbessert und erweitert:

Top new features in CADtools 13

  • In-place dimensions
  • Paste with scale
  • Expanded CADguides panel
  • Full native Apple Silicon support for 65% average speed improvement across all benchmarks
  • New menu item for converting dashed lines to separate paths
  • New disjoin path menu item
  • 10 new axonometric drawing and dimensioning tools
  • Radius and diameter dimension expanded to work on ellipses
Hot Door CADtools 13 ships with hundreds of vector symbols for Adobe Illustrator
CADsymbols library includes architecture, people, and landscape artwork that automatically scale to the target layer.

Discover the power of details with Hot Door CADtools for Adobe Illustrator! CADtools tackles any design task with spectacular simplicity and precision inside Adobes familiar drawing application. Check out some of our latest additions:

  • NEW: CADcalculator panel with six engineering and construction calculators
  • NEW: Structured label designer
  • NEW: Preview sections added to CADdimensions and CADlabels
  • NEW: Span dimension tools, tag labels, and boxed dimension text styles polish UX design
  • NEW: Detail tool generates close-up views, grid tools serve up styles, and live chat offers instant tech support
  • NEW: Constrained nudge moves art in increments less than a point, CADtimesheet automatically tracks billable time, and the New CADdocument menu sets up CAD projects with one dialog
  • Hundreds of live customizable symbols are now automatically installed for drag-and-drop professional design
Draw, dimension & label anything in scale
Click and drag dimensions or labels on every possible object, path, or point in space. Live dimensions follow and respond to artwork changes.

Works just like other Illustrator tools!
CADtools adds over 100 drawing, editing, labeling, dimensioning, transformation, creation, and utility tools organized in 10 tool groups in the Adobe Illustrator tool panel.
  • 2D Drawing
  • 2D Dimensioning
  • Axonometric Drawing
  • Axonometric Dimensioning
  • CAD Walls
  • 2D Editing
  • Labeling
  • Transformation
  • Creation
  • Utility
Click-drag tools with seamless integration
CADtools adds over 100 tools to the tool panel. Red dots indicate the number and placement of mouse-clicks to edit or create an object, label or dimension. New tools include Scale Line, Repeat, Repeat Along Path, Scaled Type, Grid, and Wave tools.
Document or layer scales and scale calculator
Select from a wide range of engineering and architectural scales or create an unlimited number of custom scales. Figuring out scale is easy with the Scale Calculator.
Unlimited styles for dimensions and labels
Create beautiful live dimensions as measurements, letter, number, or custom text. Create custom labels with text, numbers, alphabet or object geometry.
3D-style cubes, cylinders, and planes
Create art with custom 3D-like view angles using the CADaxonometric panel. Dimension with axonometric dimension tools or flatten into front, side, or plan views.

CADunits cover all possibilities
Set up units and precision for dimension values as well as numeric input, CADrulers and CADtools panel options. Add polish to professional docs with clever compact fractions.

Guides and grids your way
With CADguides, customize scaled rulers and grids that can snap with CADtools drawing tools. Show full screen cursors to easily create and edit CADtools objects.
CADshortcuts and automatic dimensions
Instantly apply dimensions to artwork by using the CADshortcuts panel. Save time by applying custom presets that retain CADtools settings.

Measure and transform objects in scale
Numerically move and transform objects in scale with CADtracker. View angle, perimeter, length, and area of one or more paths or placed images.

CADdashboard and CADhelp

Quickly access all tools and panels with CADdashboard. The context-sensitive CADhelp panel shows step-by-step details and video tutorials for the current tool or panel.
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  • Adobe Illustrator 2019 - 2021
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