Damage, Phenomena, Aura and Tweak Bundle

Get 4 great suites in one bundle!Add all 41 effects to your toolkit with each of our powerful suites: Damage, Phenomena, Aura, and Tweak.
Damage, Phenomena, Aura and Tweak Bundle
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Highlights 9 Tools included in Damage Damage Interference - Create the interlaced look... mehr


9 Tools included in Damage

  • Damage Interference - Create the interlaced look of a television broadcast or a Cathode Ray Tube monitor. Adjust the parameters for the even (E) and odd (O) fields.
  • Damage Skew  - Create bad video artifacts including image shearing, visual noise or static, from weak analog antenna signals to consumer VCR tracking hopelessness.
  • Damage Artifact  - Simulates digital image decode or transmission errors usually associated with dropped data from satellite transmissions or digital video playback errors.
  • Damage Channel Offset  - Simulate chromatic aberration and channel misalignment. Create quick color glitches or twitches on footage or motion graphics.
  • Damage Aged Film  - Emulate the looks of 8, 16, and 35mm films stocks. Roll your footage through a time machine with scratch, dust, grain and jitter controls.
  • Damage Wave Displace  - Get advanced control over wave distortion with a robust tool for creating video transmission displacement. Works great for glitchy transitions.
  • Damage Destabilize  - Emulate a practical camera shake or a more conceptual feed twitch for motion graphics work involving color channel compositing and separation.
  • Damage Blockade - Simulate low fidelity camera feeds. It creates random blocks of slightly tinted color, common in low resolution camera video or highly compressed transmissions.
  • Overexpose - Overexpose processes the image in way that mimics an optical response.  Overdriven whites bloom, affecting neighboring areas and luma values proportionate to their relative brightness.  Add in the ability to vary a wide variety of parameters, and your ability to portray iris indecision on the part of your videographer is absolute.  

10 Tools Included In Aura

  • Aura Channel Range - Create luma mattes that allow you to isolate specific value ranges of channels.
  • Aura Colorize - Apply color schemes and tints to your footage. Create a duotone or polytone by specifying tints for shadows, midtones, and highlights. Supports up to 5 colors.
  • Aura Edgex - Create posterization by thresholding individual color channels. Make your video look more like a graphic and add bold separation between fields of color.
  • Aura Gradient Designer - The ultimate tool for building gradients. It supports creation of up to a 12 color gradient with select of basic shape and layer map options.
  • Aura Grayscaler - Control the process of color to grayscale conversion. Fine tune your greyscale quality with luminance, brightness and contrast of the RGB.
  • Aura Lightwrap - This plug-in helps to integrate composite elements by glowing background light around foreground objects. Add a rim light to a masked or keyed foreground layer.
  • Aura Night Bloom - A bloom effect designed primarily for nighttime scenes. Control the bloom shape (lens iris shape), size, threshold, brightness, amount, and blend.
  • Aura Solarize - A photographic process simulation for creating the look of double exposed photographic paper. Use this effect to reverse or create negative portions of your clip.
  • Aura Glow - Generate beautiful blooms and soft glows.  An advanced tool that extracts a region of the source layer, blooms it, and then re-composits it.
  • Channel Noise - Apply random noise to layers with individual controls for the red, green, blue and alpha channels. Great tool to dial in the right amount of noise per channel.

11 Tools Included In Phenomena

  • Phenomena Bubbles - Easily create any type of bubble effect, from a fizzy drink to bubbles trailing a shark. Adjust speed, size, amount, motion, and bubble type.
  • Phenomena Electrical Arcs - Generate arcs of electricity similar to what you see with a Jacobs Ladder, or a Tesla Coil. This plug-in is also quite good at generating lightning bolts.
  • Phenomena Fairy Dust - Create emmiter style glowing dust that blows in the wind and has various dust shapes. Follow a magic wand or add zip to the tail of a comet.
  • Phenomena Fire - Organic fire plugin with an emmiter style particle based algorithm. Simulate a match strike, camp fire, car bomb, forest fire or raging inferno.
  • Phenomena FireWorks - Simulate a large-scale fireworks display with a three-stage particle emmiter system that includes: Launch, Explosion, and Sparkler.
  • Phenomena Fog Factory - Create a flowing fog effect that offers depth of field simulation and automatically moves without keyframing. An excellent digital fog and haze plugin.
  • Phenomena Muzzle Flash - Turn that prop gun into a lethal weapon. You're armed with flashes from a 357 Handgun, M-16 Rifle, 12-Gauge Shotgun, and a Turnicliffe.
  • Phenomena Rainfall - A particle system that easily and elegantly handles rain simulation. Great for adding rain to a wet scene or to transform a drizzle into a downpour.
  • Phenomena Smoke - Create a billowing smoke effect. Control color, speed, rotation, and opacity. Combine with Phenomena Fire to create all sorts of pyro mayhem.
  • Phenomena Snow Storm - A plug-in designed so that the snow drifts in a particular direction, but also includes a great deal of chaotic motion. Layer the effect to create a blizzard.
  • Phenomena Sparks - Cast sparks from any object with this emmiter style effect. Control how the sparks will be cast, from where, and what they will look like. Sparks are gonna fly.

10 Tools Included In Tweak

  • Tweak Crazy Stripes - Create stripes from any still image or video clip. Works great to create speeding backgrounds. Use the effect as a transition to simulate a swish pan.
  • Tweak Crystallizer - Generate animated textures with crystalline-type patterns. Control the number of nodules, size, randomization, edge behavior, falloff, and blend.
  • Tweak Hyper Harmonizer - Create incredibly mesmerizing radial geometric patterns. Adjust sine-wave curve parameters to create complex spirograph-like (hypotrochoid) images.
  • Tweak Newsprint - Create the halftone dot pattern you get from printing or the linear look of a woodblock print. Great for that comic book, Warhol or wanted poster effect.
  • Tweak Nexus - Create beams or lines that rotate around two circles and fades out. Adjust how lines come together and spread apart. Works great as a tech background.
  • Tweak Perspectron - Create a unique animated warping effect. Bend and stretch your clip with a series of control points for funhouse mirror look or simulate an acid trip.
  • Tweak Schematic Grids - Generate grids that can be subdivided, have broken lines and have objects placed on their intersections. Adjust advanced controls to customize the grid.
  • Tweak Stargate - Simulate the slit scan process used in the stargate sequence of the classic movie, “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Layer and mask the effect to create interest.
  • Tweak Vanghouist - Create painted effects by brushing the source clip with a series of brush strokes. Adjust brush type, horizontal size, vertical size, number of strokes and blend.
  • Tweak Visual Harmonizer - Use this effect to create sine wave patterns. Control the frequency, amplitude, and phase. Keyframe the start and end controls to create animated waves.


Digieffects plugins are designed for host applications Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects versions CS6 and CC, Final Cut Pro X, and Motion 4 and 5.
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Digieffects plugins use the power of your computer's CPU. No special GPU card is required.


  • Windows systems on version 7 and later


  • Mac OS X for Mountain Lion (10.8) and later
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