Shapespark Renderer perpetual license

Real-time rendering in a browser. Turn architectural 3D models into online walkthroughs.
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Architects, designers and archviz professionals use Shapespark to easily present designs and to... mehr
Architects, designers and archviz professionals use Shapespark to easily present designs and to create realistic visualizations for real-estate marketing projects.

Easily share on desktop, mobile and VR

Simply send a link or embed the walkthrough in a website - clients can explore the design on any device without the need for a meeting.

Stand out with interactive presentations

Impress and boost engagement on real-estate marketing websites, allow buyers to virtually visit soon to be built properties.

Use the 3D modelling tools you know

Shapespark integrates with popular modeling tools - you don’t have to change your design workflow.

Full movement freedom

Allow clients to enter a space and freely walk around to examine every corner and detail. Make them feel as if they were there. Unlike 360 panoramas, the presentation is not limited to a few selected viewpoints and there is no distortion in the corners of the screen.

Present anywhere

Walkthroughs created with Shapespark leverage HTML5 & WebGL standards and can be opened directly from a web browser - there is no need to install anything. The walkthroughs are lightweight and work even on a phone.
Finally you don't need to resort to screencast videos for content that is inherently interactive.

Realistic global illumination

Shapespark uses path-tracing global illumination to give your designs a realistic look with the press of a single button. This is a fully-integrated solution - there is no need to use separate tools for UV unwrapping or baking the lighting.

Familiar, offline workflow

The Shapespark editor is a desktop application, so you can always instantly open and edit scenes, even when your Internet connection is down. The workflow is similar to other rendering engines, so you won’t feel lost.

Perpetual license includes:

  • Windows editor
  • Unlimited offline scenes
  • Embed on web sites
  • Hide Shapespark logo
  • Custom branding
  • Host on own server

Import 3D model Import your 3D model into the Shapespark desktop editor. Use a dedicated... mehr

Import 3D model

Import your 3D model into the Shapespark desktop editor. Use a dedicated extension for SketchUp, for other tools use FBX, COLLADA or OBJ formats. There is no dreaded one-way import: Shapespark preserves all the settings between updates of the 3D model.


Use the Shapespark editor to add realistic lighting and tune material properties. You can also add points of interest, orbit and and floor plan views.
The lighting is baked to provide a high level of realism and good presentation time performance. The one-click baking is built into the editor and can use CUDA-enabled graphics cards to speed up the process.

Upload & share

When the visualization is ready, upload it to the Internet with one click. You can then share it by sending a link or by embedding in websites.


What are the system requirements for opening scenes?
A WebGL capable browser is required to open scenes created with Shapespark (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer 11 all support WebGL).

Can scenes be opened on mobile devices?
Yes, Android and iOS mobile devices are supported. Large scenes with complex geometry or a large number of textures need to be optimized to run on mobile devices due to limited available memory.

What are the system requirements for creating scenes? 
To create scenes you need a machine with 64-bit Windows 7, 8, or 10.
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