3D Design Studio for SketchUp Single User
  • 3D Design Studio for SketchUp Single User

Render Plus Software:
3D Design Studio for SketchUp Single User

Photorealistic Rendering bundled with lots of extras to create renderings, reports, and informative client presentations

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3D Design Studio and Photorealistic Rendering
Everything you need for PhotoRealistic Rendering including special modelling tools.
The latest version of 3D Design Studio will work with SketchUp 2017 and earlier versions.
Rendering is the most important add-on for your SketchUp Presentations
With 3D Design Studio, you can choose from one or more of the Render Plus Render Products:
  • IRender nXt - our extablished full powered tool for rendering and animations
  • Allura GPU - our new product using NVIDIA Iray+ to unleash the power of your GPU for rendering, or
  • ArielVision - our powerful, but easy to use rendering package for SketchUp.
The 3D Design Studio includes:
Comprehensive package of plugins and add-ons for SketchUp to provide the tools you need for creation of 3D scenes,
SketchUp Renderings, reporting and client presentations.
Render Plus has combined all of their SketchUp plugin and add-ons into a single package - the 3D Design
The 3D Design Studio includes:
  • RpTools - tools for placement and editing of components and other objects into your 3D model.
  • IRender nXt - Photorealistic Renderings using our rendering engine
  • RpReports - Attributes and Custom Reports on items placed in your 3D model.
  • RPS 3D PDF - Interactive 3D PDFs for viewing your model on your website and PDF files.
  • Non-Photorealistic Rendering - Sketchy, Soft, Shadows, and more
If you are creating 3D models - Buildings, Landscapes, 3D structures, Products for sale, etc., -
then the 3D Design Studio has the tools you need to work productively and to present your designs to your clients.