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QUICKSURFACE ist eine Software zur Erstellung komplexer organischer und anderer Freiformflächen. Sowohl die manuelle als auch die automatische Oberflächenbearbeitung erspart dem Anwender Zeit, brauchbare CAD-Modelle zu erstellen, die bisher nicht mög
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Scan Data Import Load data from any scanner using the industry standard STL mesh files. For... mehr
Scan Data Import
Load data from any scanner using the industry standard STL mesh files. For long range scanners, the data can be imported using PTX file format. Reduce the number of polygons while keeping the original reference mesh for best results

Orienting Reference Mesh
Fast and easy orient the mesh in space in the correct position with respect to world coordinate system with manual alignment tools. Display of mirrored points of the mesh will help to setup summetry objects correctly.  
Free Form Modelling
Quad surface allows the user to reconstruct free form surface which is not possible with the standard surfacing methods.
Real-time analyzer and snap-to-mesh technology allows even non-professionals to create shapes in no time. Something which is not available in any other solutions

Automatic Surfacing
Create surface on organic shapes with hit of a button. No user interaction required.  
Link to other CAD Packages
Export reconstructed surfaces or solid models for use in other packages using the industry standard format STEP or IGES.
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Lizenz für 1 Computer


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