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Maxwell V4 Studio Node-Locked

Next Limit Maxwell Render berechnet anhand physikalisch korrekter Lichtquellen, Kameras und Materialien fotorealistische Bilder. Maxwell Render lässt sich in jede gängige 3D-Software integrieren.

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Maxwell Studio is a sophisticated independent scene editor with a full 3D environment, offering an alternative workflow for those Maxwell Render users that work with 3D or CAD applications that we do not currently offer a plug-in for.

Mac Users: Maxwell GPU rendering feature is not currently supported on macOS. For GPU rendering, Nvidia graphics cards with CUDA support are required, and Apple does not sell computers which include these at this time.
It is also useful as an MXS editing tool an MXS file generated by any plug-in we currently offer can be imported into Maxwell Studio. For example if your scene is not rendering as intended, usually the most efficient way of seeing what is wrong is opening the MXS in Maxwell Studio and checking that the scene has been exported by the plug-in (cameras, materials, geometry etc.).
Rendering in Maxwell  is available for any 3D platform thanks to Studio. You can export your models in any of the compatible formats, import them in Studio, and there adjust the cameras, assign and edit materials, set up the environment and lighting, and launch the render.

Supported Geometry Import Formats
OBJ    STL    LWO    NFF    XC2    MXS    DXF    3DS    XML    FBX    PLY    DAE    BIN    SD    DEM    ABC
Basisc Workflow
  • Maxwell Studio does not have any modeling tools so you have to first model your scene in another 3D application, then export it to any of the above formats.
  • Import that geometry into Maxwell Studio where you can create, edit and apply materials, set up lights and cameras, and then finally send the scene to render.
  • Additionally you can also open and edit existing MXS files, either created by Maxwell Studio or any Maxwell plugin.
  • Import geometry
  • Set attributes of objects (position, rotation, scale, pivot, smoothing, normals, etc)
  • Apply textures using UV projectors
  • Create, edit and apply materials and lights
  • Visualize the 3D scene in OpenGL viewports
  • Create multiple cameras and adjust their position and parameters
  • Organize the scene objects into hierarchies of groups
  • Set Physical Sky options and see an interactive representation of the Sky settings in the OpenGL viewports
  • Fully customizable layout with the ability to save layouts
  • Libraries of preset geometry, scenes, materials and layouts
  • Fast interactive preview (Maxwell Fire), for interactively rendering your scene and displaying your changes in real time