Maxwell V4 for Rhino for Mac Floating
  • Maxwell V4 for Rhino for Mac Floating

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Maxwell V4 for Rhino for Mac Floating

Next Limit Maxwell Render berechnet anhand physikalisch korrekter Lichtquellen, Kameras und Materialien fotorealistische Bilder. Maxwell Render lässt sich in jede gängige 3D-Software integrieren.

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Maxwell | Rhino Mac offers a brand new integration for Rhino for Mac, allowing you to work within the Rhino interface via a Maxwell toolbar. Also included with this integration is Maxwell Studio our sophisticated standalone scene editor. This provides an additional workflow based on our Asset Reference feature, which allows live-linking to assets (.obj, etc) created in Rhino from within Maxwell Studio.
Maxwell Integrations offer an easy workflow which allow you to compose, edit and render your scenes from a simple toolbar inside your usual 3D application.
Maxwell Integrations come with the full Maxwell toolkit including:
  •     Maxwell Production Engine
  •     Multilight
  •     FIRE (interactive preview engine)
  •     Materials Editor
  •     Real camera model
  •     Network tools