KeyShotXR Add-on for KeyShot
  • KeyShotXR Add-on for KeyShot

KeyShotXR Add-on for KeyShot

KeyShotXR allows you to quickly create touch-enabled, 360° product views that can be displayed in any web browser.

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KeyShotXR (formerly KeyShotVR) is Luxions patent-pending technology that delivers interactive, touch-enabled viewing across desktop, laptop or mobile devices and enables you to provide a richer experience for product portfolios, presentations and design reviews.
Through this integrated KeyShot add-on, high-quality, interactive product visuals can be created directly inside KeyShot, with all the assets provided to have your visuals on the web in minutes.
All content can be viewed using your mouse or finger on touch-enabled devices and does not require a browser plugin to work. With no dependence on WebGL you can deliver the highest-quality product experience possible across the widest range of devices.

360° Spherical Experience
KeyShotXR goes beyond simple turntable views. With KeyShotXR you can create true, fully spherical 360° product experiences.
View every angle of a product or use the camera as a pivot point to create a first person point-of-view or panoramic shot. The KeyShotXR Wizard walks you through and lets you preview the KeyShotXR before hitting render.
Touch Gesture Control
Provide a deeper, more accurate look at product details with the ability to rotate or zoom in and out through touch interaction. The zoom level is set when you create the KeyShotXR and the highest image quality is always preserved when viewing.
Animated Product Visuals
With six different KeyShotXR types including animated KeyShotXRs, capture the detail in animations that illustrate product functionality.

iBooks Support
Go beyond the web and deliver interactive product experiences to customers on iOS devices through Apple iBooks. KeyShotXR supports Apple iBooks with one-click creation of an iBooks widget for both iPad Retina and iPad Mini.

Advanced Features
With advanced features like rotation damping, mouse sensitivity, zoom and FTP deployment, creating and sharing interactive product visuals becomes simple.
With the features in KeyShotXR create high-quality, touch-enabled, 3D rendered content capable of being displayed in any web browser with no plugin required.

KeyShot features:
  •     6 KeyShotXR types: Turntable, Hemi-spherical, Spherical, Tumble, Animation, Custom
  •     Output: jpg, png
  •     Zoom/Fullscreen options
  •     Set horizontal/vertical frames
  •     Set start and end angle interactively
  •     Unlimited output resolution
  •     Adjustable rotation damping
  •     iBook widget creation
  •     Render queue support
  •     Network Rendering support
  •     Background render support
  •     Realtime feedback: play, tweak, etc. for desired result during setup
  •     Compression quality control: small size with highest quality images
  •     Floating license: KeyShotXR can be checked out separately when checking out a floating license.
Web browser features:
  •     Zoom in/out
  •     Fullscreen mode
  •     Responsive sizing
  •     Automatic upload to FTP server
  •     Touch enabled: rotate, zoom, pan
  •     Customizable play and resize buttons
  •     Progressive loading: rotate images as soon as they start loading
  •     Customizable settings to adjust user experience: rotation damping, mouse sensitivity, zoom in/out, start frame, LOD