KeyShot Network Rendering 32 Cores - Miet-Lizenz - 12 Monate
  • KeyShot Network Rendering 32 Cores - Miet-Lizenz - 12 Monate

KeyShot Network Rendering 32 Cores - Miet-Lizenz - 12 Monate

KeyShot Network Rendering allows you to take advantage of your network resources for faster rendering of images and animations.

Art.Nr.: 32744
Standard Software
  • Mac/Win
  • multil.
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1 - 3 Tage
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Select an option based on the number of cores available on your network. KeyShot Network Rendering will utilize up to the number of licensed cores. Please note that a virtual core counts as a core as well.
KeyShot Network Rendering includes:
  • Master/Slave-System independent of KeyShot, i.e. KeyShot doesnt have to be installed on the slave system
  • Easy to install and administer simply install, and follow the instructions.
  • New updates will be downloaded from within the network queue
  • Network Render queue everyone can send jobs to the network for rendering.
  • User system allows for user accounts to have manageability over current jobs in queue
  • Slaves will be connected automatically by sending packets across the network for detection by the master for connection
  • Queue shows current frame being rendered and remaining time of job
  • Jobs can be prioritized within the queue
  • Supports an unlimited number of slaves with any number of cores (physical / virtual)
  • Slave tray application, allows the user to update the number of cores being utilized on the network
  • Partial image download if the image is not done rendering, you can download the rendered results.
  • Slave scheduling allows slaves to become active or inactive at scheduled times(user system must be enabled, with appropriate privilages)
  • Slaves can be added or subtracted anytime, i.e. before, or after rendering.
  • Works with all versions of KeyShot (KeyShot, KeyShot Pro, KeyShot Pro Floating)
  • Since KeyShots performance increases linearly, the render performance doubles when the number of cores doubles
  • Support mixed networks (PC & Mac)
The license is good for one year and includes all upgrades during that time. The license will expire after 365 days from the date of activation.