KeyShot 8 Enterprise
  • KeyShot 8 Enterprise

KeyShot 8 Enterprise

KeyShot is a standalone 3D rendering and animation application developed for designers, engineers, marketing and entertainment professionals, photographers, or anyone with a need to quickly and easily create photo-realistic images.

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KeyShot Enterprise is all encompassing solution, including KeyShot Pro Floating, Animation, KeyShotXR, Siemens NX plugin and Network Rendering (32 cores).
  • All Pro Floating features
  • Interactive KeyShotXR
  • 32 Cores Network rendering
  • Plugin for Siemens NX
*32 cores of network rendering included with first year. $480/yr each year after or included with renewal of maintenance.
KeyShot Pro is the full-feature version of KeyShot and includes:
  • All KeyShot HD features
  • KeyShot Animation
  • KeyShot HDRI Editor
  • KeyShot Material Graph
  • Configurator/Presentation tool
  • Geometry Viewer/Editor
  • Region rendering (real-time/offline)
  • Render queue
  • Scripting
  • Studios
  • Model sets
  • Render passes
  • Render layers
  • NURBS ray tracing
  • Perspective matching
  • Sun & Sky generator
  • ZPR/STL/OBJ/FBX output
  • Camera, part & material animation
  • Multiple turntable animations
  • Movie output (Quicktime, AVI, FLV)
KeyShot Pro Floating is the floating license version of KeyShot Pro. It allows for KeyShot to be run on several machines* with the license(s) served from a central server on your network using FlexNet from Flexera. It also includes the Animation add-on. Here is a detailed list of features:
  • All KeyShot Pro features
  • KeyShot Animation
  • FlexNet based server license (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
  • Floating license manager
  • Floating license borrowing
  • Camera animation
  • Part and object animation
  • Multiple turntable animations
  • Interactive setup, editing and playback in real-time
  • Individual frame output
  • Compiled movie output (Quicktime, AVI, FLV)
*purchase multiple licenses to run simultaneously