Maya Connection for HDR Light Studio Node-Locked License
  • Maya Connection for HDR Light Studio Node-Locked License

Maya Connection for HDR Light Studio Node-Locked License

HDR Light Studio provides a fast and precise way to light a 3D model. The lighting design is saved as a high dynamic range, high resolution environment map.

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Buying a plug-in connection improves workflow. The connection seamlessly pushes the model to HDR Light Studio and pulls the environment map back into Maya without having to import/export via the filesystem. Connections allow you to view each of your lighting changes both in HDR Light Studios optimised renderer and in your 3D apps final renderer.

Connection Features

Shared Map
HDR Light Studio‘s environment map (canvas) is shared with the environment map of the supported renderers in Maya. During the lighting process a lower resolution map is used for interactive speed. For the final production rendering in Maya - a full resolution, high dynamic range image is generated and passed through the connection.

Click to Light (New in version 5)
Purchasing a connection allows artists to click on the model within Maya‘s viewport to position lights on the map.

Render Support
Supported renderers are Mental Ray, V-Ray, Arnold, Maxwell Render, Renderman.
Version 5 adds new support for Redshift and Octane Render.

Embedded Projects
The HDR Light Studio lighting project is embedded within Maya‘s scene file. So the lighting can be edited in the future whenever reloading the Maya scene.

Scene Sync
The connection also enables artists to push 3D models directly to HDR Light Studio without exporting from Maya and importing into HDR Light Studio. Send all or a selected part of your scene. Choose from Alembic or Mental Images scene formats. Alembic supports time and moving cameras.