TurbulenceFD for Cinema 4D - Volume License (Preis je Seat)
  • TurbulenceFD for Cinema 4D - Volume License (Preis je Seat)

TurbulenceFD for Cinema 4D - Volume License (Preis je Seat)

TurbulenceFD simuliert und rendert alle möglichen gasförmigen Flüssigkeiten wie z.B. Feuer, Rauch, Explosionen, Dampf, Nebel, Staub und Wolken.

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TurbulenceFD simulates and renders all kinds of gaseous fluids like fire, smoke, explosions, vapor, mist, dust and clouds. Its intuitive workflow integrates fluid dynamics seamlessly into existing scenes by using any type of animated object geometry as emitters or solid collision objects.

  • Voxel Based Gaseous Fluid Dynamics
  • Intuitive Workflow
  • Pull all the Stops on your CPU
  • Up to 12x speedup on the GPU
  • Physically Based Fire Shader
  • Multiple Scattering
  • Particle Advection
  • Adaptive Container
  • Emitters
  • Collision Objects
  • Shading Curve Editor
  • Turbulence Mapping
  • Viewport Preview
  • Voxel Grid Compression
  • Ignition Control
  • Up Res‘ing
  • Sub Grid Detail

In order to use TurbulenceFD, you will also need a license of CINEMA 4D R12 or newer in any of the editions Prime, Broadcast, Visualize or Studio.
Each TurbulenceFD license includes an unlimited number of render nodes.