FoxTrot 7 Professional Search 10-User with Server

FoxTrot Professional Search is a document search and categorization solution for macOS. FoxTrot Search Server indexes your workgroup server or enterprise NAS Access from LAN, WAN and VPN-connected clients.
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Deploying a high performance search server is as simple as upgrading a FoxTrot Professional... mehr
Deploying a high performance search server is as simple as upgrading a FoxTrot Professional Search to include FoxTrot Search Server. Instead of indexing documents from the user's computer, FoxTrot Search Server performs the processor-intensive extraction of documents, indexing and searching on a separate Mac - even if the NAS is dedicated, Windows or Linux-based.


  • create multiple indices from various folders and volumes
  • indexes content from PDF, HTML, Apple Mail, word processor, spreadsheet, presentations as well any extractable data from other applications: video, audio, iMessage, Contacts and other documents
  • search by document contents, metadata, filename, author, keyword, tags and metadata
  • categorize search results by a combination of relevance, age, location, item kind, extension author, main language, visibility, tag or author in order to narrow down the number of found items
  • preview most found documents within the application to search them further in a secondary search window; documents can also be displayed in a Quick Look popover or launched in their source application
  • highlight multiple found terms in distinct colors; secondary searches can be performed on identical or distinct terms
  • update the index on demand or at automatic intervals, even when the FoxTrot application is not visibly launched
  • quickly start a search from a FoxTrot system menu or command keys
  • select which file types are indexed for each indexed folder
  • limit the search scope to a specific folder and its descendants
  • use AND / OR operators between multiple search criteria
  • perform searches without keywords, by selecting all indexed documents of a given type (or all types) and categorizing down to the target - ideal to rediscover the contents of collected document and media assets, identify similar or duplicate documents and moved or delete selected items from within the document browser


  • macOS 10.12 Sierra or later
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