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Final Draft ist der Bestseller unter den Anwendungen, die speziell für das Schreiben von Filmdrehbüchern, Fernsehserien und Bühnenstücken entwickelt wurden. Verkauf nur an Schüler, Studenten oder Lehrkräfte gegen Nachweis möglich.
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Final Draft ist ein Programm für das Erstellen von Drehbüchern und Skripten, Fernsehepisoden... mehr
Final Draft ist ein Programm für das Erstellen von Drehbüchern und Skripten, Fernsehepisoden oder Theaterstücken. Vergeuden Sie keine wertvolle Zeit darauf, auf die richtige Formatierung zu achten – Während Sie schreiben, paginiert und formatiert Final Draft automatisch Ihre Manuskripte den Industriestandards entsprechend.

The Leading Screenwriting Software

  • Best Choice for Screenwriting
  • Used by 95% of the entertainment industry
  • The number-one selling screenwriting software in the world
  • Final Draft paginates your script to entertainment industry formats
  • Over 300 templates for screenplays, teleplays, comics, immersive storytelling, graphic novels, and stage plays


Advanced Brainstorming

With Final Draft, you can brainstorm, visualize, report, tag, collaborate and customize your writing environment like never before.

Refined Beat Board

Limitless space to organize your ideas in a customizable, visual way. Plan set pieces, store character research, and much more.
  1. Beats can be anything – plot points, character arcs, research, location ideas
  2. Beats can contain both stylized text and images
  3. Drag content to and from your script and Beat Board, preserving formatting
  4. Color code for easy reference with a vibrant color palette

New Story Map

Connect your Beat Board ideas to your script. Keep on track with visual guideposts to your story.
  1. Organize Beats and Structure Points from the Beat Board
  2. View Beat content easily while writing
  3. Visually plan milestones and plot points
  4. Easily navigate your script and Beat Board

Streamlined Writing and Editing

Final Draft automatically paginates and formats screenplays to industry standards, allowing writers to focus on what they do best: writing.

Real-Time Collaboration
Collaborate simultaneously with your writing partners IN REAL TIME - around the corner - or around the world.

Speech to Script 
Speech to Script customizes Mac’s Dictation feature so you can write your screenplay without ever touching a keyboard.

Smart Type
Use SmartType to cut down on keystrokes by auto-filling commonly used names, locations, and more.

Insert Images
Insert images on title pages, in the script or even in the Beat Board to help visualize your story.

Alternate Dialogue
Use Alternate Dialogue to store as many different versions of lines as you can imagine.

Night Mode
Eliminate distractions and get down to business with night mode.

Easier Formatting
Use your creative energy to focus on your story and characters — let Final Draft take care of the rest.

Title Page
All Final Draft templates come with industry standard title pages that are easy to modify, save, and print or save to PDF

Tab & Enter
Use just the Tab and Enter keys to write your script quickly and easily.

Format Assistant
Be confident your script is professionaly formatted before you print or email it.

Reformat Tool
Speed through the reformatting process when importing different file types.

Automatic Backup Folder
Protect your work with automatic file backups.

Unicode Support
Final Draft 11 ships with fonts which support over 97 different languages. Users can also add their own fonts to type in additional languages.

Pagination & Page Management
Automatically format and paginate to industry standards. Meet page count requirements using Final Draft 11 custom formatting tools.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Customize your workflow and save time.

Agile Production

Final Draft is used by 95% of film, television and multimedia productions to get from page to screen.

Revision Mode

Mark and review all changes to take a script through production. Set your revision colors, lock pages, omit scenes - Final Draft makes it easy. 
  1. Add, edit or remove scene numbers throughout your script
  2. Lock Pages so your revisions don’t affect your page numbers
  3. Export to PDF in Revision Mode with industry standard colors
  4. Protect your script with customizable watermarks on PDFs and printed pages
  5. Omit a scene to make last minute changes without disrupting production

Tags Mode

Powerful reporting, your way - create custom reports on any element of your script. 
  1. Dig into your script by tracking customizable story elements and character traits
  2. Get ready for production by Tagging costume, props, locations and more
  3. Break your script down for budgeting and scheduling
NEW! PDF Import Have a screenplay you want to work on but only have a PDF? No problem! You can... mehr
NEW! PDF Import
Have a screenplay you want to work on but only have a PDF? No problem! You can now import a
PDF into Final Draft 12 and convert it into a fully editable Final Draft file.
NEW! Flow Lines
Flow Lines allow you to show connections between beats and create a Story Flow for advanced
screenplay outlining.
NEW! Outline Elements + Editor
Send your outline to script and see it on the page for easy reference as Outline Elements, then
show and hide the outline as needed during your writing process. The Outline Editor gives
you a birds eye view of your screenplay structure, and multiple customizable lanes for highlevel outlining.
NEW! Track Changes
Keep a record of edits to your script and choose whether to accept or reject your changes, giving you even greater control over the editing process.
NEW! Focus Mode
Customize your creative environment, eliminate distractions and get down to the business of writing.
NEW! Story Structure Templates
Access quick-start educational templates with common story structures like 3 Act, Pyramid, the
Heros Journey, Save the Cat and more.
IMPROVED! Beat Board Collaboration, Find/Replace, Spell Check
Collaborators can now access the Beat Board, while the new Spell Check and Find & Replace
features make the Beat Board even more user-friendly.
IMPROVED! ScriptNotes Enhancements
ScriptNotes allows you to create, open and edit notes on your screenplay in a popover
window and visually customize them by color and type. Notes are then synced to the
ScriptNotes in the navigator.
IMPROVED! Revisions Window
The new intuitive layout allows you to drag to rearrange sets within the Revision table and easily move back and forth between sets.
Lizenz für 1 Benutzer, Aktivierung auf 2 Geräten möglich. Final Draft ist als international... mehr


Lizenz für 1 Benutzer, Aktivierung auf 2 Geräten möglich.
Final Draft ist als international englische Version für Mac und Win erhältlich.
In dieser internationalen Version sind zusätzlich ein deutscher Spellchecker und ein deutscher Thesaurus mit enthalten. Die Software selbst ist in Englisch.


  • Windows 10 oder neuer
  • Internetverbindung zur Produktaktivierung


  • macOS 10.14 oder neuer
  • Internetverbindung zur Produktaktivierung
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