EasyCatalog Lite CC 2022

EasyCatalog ist eine vollständige Database Publishing Lösung und verbindet Ihre Daten aus den unterschiedlichsten Quellen mit den Inhalten in einem InDesign-Dokument.
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Ever wished you could take data directly from a file or database straight into Adobe InDesign?... mehr
Ever wished you could take data directly from a file or database straight into Adobe InDesign?
Ideal for time-critical publications, EasyCatalog can dramatically speed up page make-up time and ensure your documents remain error free. Trusted by thousands of users in over thirty countries across six continents, EasyCatalog has quickly established itself as one of the most powerful and flexible database publishing solutions for Adobe InDesign.
The source of your data can be something as simple as a file or, via an optional module, an ODBC database or XML file. If you've invested time and money developing a database, why not utilize it to the fullest extent by producing your print catalogs directly from it?

It's not just catalogs EasyCatalog can produce - brochures, price lists, or directories can all be effortlessly generated.
EasyCatalog also offers powerful ways to get your data onto the document - templates can be designed that specify how a record should appear when it is placed on the page. Store these templates in a library and complex pages can be constructed in seconds, containing live data, simply by dragging and dropping.

Don't fancy learning a programming language?
You don't have to - the power of EasyCatalog can be exploited without using any scripting or programming. Those who need to script are not forgotten, though, as EasyCatalog can now be controlled from JavaScript, AppleScript or Visual Basic via the optional scripting module.


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