DEM Earth

CinemaPlugins DEM Earth automatically downloads the data it needs to build the model you want. All you have to do is provide a Geographic coordinate. Produce real-time interactive and dynamic landscapes which you can pan, zoom and animate.


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Feature Highlights Geo Modifier –  Map any polygon, spline or point based object... mehr

Feature Highlights

  • Geo Modifier –  Map any polygon, spline or point based object onto DEM Earth.
  • Track Graph  –  Make an instant graph out of a gpx track, or any spline.
  • Poly Importer – Import country, county, regional borders using the osmosis poly format.
  • Smart Extruder – vastly improved. Better caps, better UVW mapping, less polygons.
  • Smart OSM – New Interpolation and surface offset settings, deliver what you need.
  • DEM Earth Object – improved UVW, to make baking, much easier.

DEM Earth Includes

  • DEM Earth Generator – A real-time landscape generator which automatically downloads and caches DEM data for you, for the entire world
  • Smart OSM Object –  Easily download and manage OpenStreetmap data directly in DEM Earth.
  • Smart Extruder Object –  A fast, intelligent building extruder, which works tightly with OSM Object and DEM Earth to produce great results.
  • PinPoint Object – Used for placing any 3D object on DEM Earth landscape with ability to dynamically scale and move with the landscape
  • Way Object – A flexible spline Generator for Visualizing paths between objects on the landscape
  • Coverage Command – Visualize what DEM files you have already cached
  • GeoPointConverter – together with the Tools4D OpenStreetMap importer,easily overlay massive OSM data sets onto DEM Earth
  • GPX Importer – Easily import Tracks,Routes and Waypoints. Drag and drop your gpx file into C4D, DEM Earth does the rest.
  • World File Import – drag and drop industry standard World files into C4D and DEM Earth will create the landscape for you and overlay your image automatically
  • *ASC height Import – Embed super high res height, commercial DEM or DSM data, directly into DEM Earth, using industry standard ASC format (*Esri Grid, WGS84 geographic )
  • Direct ASC import – *included. The only way there is, to get a super accurate, non-interpolated, high res landscape data into Cinema4D. This is how easy importing DEM data should be.
  • Quickstart guide – Included
  • Automatic 90m Dem Data downloader – *Included
  • Automatic 30m DEM Data downloader – *Included
  • DEM Earth Image Downloader – *Included.  Easily capture web-based images from a multitude of open sources, with unparalleled ease.
  • GeoCoding Tool – *included.  Both coding and inverse coding to get coordinates from names, and names from coordinates.

*Account functions linked to your product support


  • Cinema 4D R21 to R25
  • C4dLite (Cineware) is NOT supported
  • Supports all render engines
  • 64 bit only

In R21 and later, you can manage your own Node ID by attaching and detaching it from your account. In R20 and below, you need to make a support ticket to get your node lock changed.

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