Shaderlight Pro 2018 (6.0) for SketchUp
  • Shaderlight Pro 2018 (6.0) for SketchUp

Shaderlight Pro 2018 (6.0) for SketchUp

Shaderlight is an interactive rendering software plug-in to SketchUp that lets you create high quality images, quickly and simply.

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Now with even more simple to use features, Shaderlight now gives you even more control over how you render your SketchUp models, with the ability to animate your SketchUp scenes and render to the cloud..
Whether youre using Trimble SketchUp Free or Pro, Shaderlight fits seamlessly with your workflow so you dont have to be a SketchUp rendering software expert to get great results.

Interactive rendering
Shaderlight gives you a choice of rendering modes to optimise your workflow. Choose from progressive rendering with auto-updates for interactive feedback, on demand updates or single (tiled) mode to render at full quality.

Simple interface
Our close integration with SketchUp will make you feel right at home - render directly from your SketchUp toolbar, theres no need to import your model first.

Replace Me
Shaderlights fantastic new Replace Me feature lets you render detailed models without filling your SketchUp scene with geometry.  Choose from our library of Replace Me models or create your own with the Replace Me creator plugin.
Light fixture library
Its now even easier to create real world lighting using Shaderlight ready light fixtures with embedded IES files to give you the exact light and shadow detail the manufacturer intended.
Refine your image
Even when rendering you remain in control. Use zoom and pan to explore the detail of your image or capture your work in progress renders with the ‘snapshot‘ feature

Real world effects
Add accurate materials and textures to your 3d model with simple presets direct from SketchUp, then use the adjustable settings to get the perfect finish.

Accurate lighting
Illuminate your scene using SketchUp‘s sun, image based lighting or our physical sky. For realistic interiors simply add a point, spot, area, portal or IES light from Shaderlight‘s simple light editor.
Photoreal finish
It‘s never been simpler to show your 3d model in its real-life setting using image based lighting or physical sky and your own background image.  Professional lighting images and backgrounds are included in Shaderlight Pro.

Scene animation
Create photorealistic animations direct from SketchUp with this brand new feature available in Shaderlight Pro.
Presentation tools
Render plans, elevations and isometric viewpoints or choose Chalk Render mode to produce form studies for a quick, clear presentation of your design intent.
Multi platform
Whether youre on a Mac or a PC, running SketchUp Free or Pro, if youre modelling in SketchUp then you can render with Shaderlight.